TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

Sean Hayes: I’m lovin’ Linda Lavin on ‘Saves the World’

Emmy-winning actor Sean Hayes swings by the studio to promote his new sitcom “Sean Saves the World.” He gushes about his co-star Linda Lavin and their on-screen relationship as mother and son.

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>>> stitches as the outrageously flamboyant jack mcfarland . i loved "will & grace."

>> the man has moved on, do it.

>> the few viewers you have left --

>> it's called " sean saves the world." a single gay dad trying to deal with an overbearing mother.

>> is it still monday, because i've been out here since monday! [ laughter ]

>> please, come in. [ laughter ]

>> your voice got here ten minutes ago and it's been looking for you. [ laughter ]

>> how's my baby?

>> i don't know, mom, honestly going from a fun weekend dad to a full-time responsible dad --

>> you think i'm talking about you? that's funny. i'm talking about ellie. poor kid. 14 years and her mother abandons her. now she has no one. no one.

>> linda lavin . let's talk about her for just a second.

>> let's talk about her for a while, rather than just a second.

>> she's amazing.

>> she's totally -- linda loven -- not linda lavin .

>> she's so much fun.

>> yeah, she really is. we really connected very deeply. she's warm, wonderful, grounded real person and we have a great on-camera chemistry if i do say so myself.

>> yeah, do you.

>> she's very -- we have a mutual respect for her. i love her.

>> i can't believe all you do for this network, it's called " sean saving the world ." but it's sean saving the network. tell us how many shows you're responsible for. you played a part in --

>> i have a company that works with amazing people to make this happen.

>> you make a lot of money basically?

>> no, not yet. not as much as you two sitting here drinking. sends a great message to kids the home.

>> they're at school.

>> okay. "grim" which premieres october 26th . "hot in cleveland."

>> so funny.

>> and "the soulman" and then my show and game land going into its second season.

>> yeah, that's been picked up.

>> and in development, as they say. about the game show , the genesis of that, you actually played games in your house. and you decided hey, wouldn't this make for good tv?

>> yeah, yeah, that's the story. thanks hoda.

>> maybe a follow-up, do you have any time to --

>> yeah, there's games that we played in my house. we did for many years, we played all these games. a bunch of friends came over, we would play. then a couple executives that worked at nbc and said i think this is the show. i said i don't want to produce a game show . then here we are. it's a blast. it's amazing. people have turned not great numbers to be on it. and now that they've seen it, we're getting more calls.

>> back to the sitcom. it's such a breakthrough with a sitcom. a lot of people are trying. with your pedigree.

>> sequel.

>> well, your sitcom is amazing.

>> yeah.

>> only fair.

>> yeah, what was the question now?

>> continue.

>> no, bringing sitcoms back on tv. i mean they're working on cbs great now we're getting them on nbc.

>> you don't have a laugh track. that's real laughter that you hear.

>> well, laughter since the '20s, they began having live audiences.

>> an audience will really tell you the truth.

>> yes.

>> so they tell you immediately if the joke works if it seems like it's working or not working. you fix it as you go that's the great thing about the genre of sitcoms as opposed to the single-cam. like "the office."

>> why do we have kazoos?

>> i've been asking myself the same question.

>> we were going to play a game with them. do we have time for spin the bottle ?

>> oh, god, this is exhausting.

>> " sean saves the world." airs thursdays at 9:00 right here