TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

Bromance! Al, Willie get close in canoe

Character actor Nick Offerman, a fan favorite in the sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” talks about his famed mustache and his wife’s affection for the facial hair he sports while shooting the show.

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>> that's your latest weather.

>> this is really good. i'm fine. no, it's all right. i'm good.

>> a couple of outdoors men at work here.

>> okay. well.

>> why don't you just stay right there. i'll cuddle you. well, the government shut down so that means nonessential employee is off today. he is the libertarian on parks and recreation.

>> we brought out the canoes because we have a new book paddle your own canoe. one man's fundamental for delicious living. good to see you.

>> good to see you al.

>> is this happening? is this on the air.

>> life is more romantic in a canoe.

>> you are a man that enjoys a canoe. what is it about it?

>> well when you make a canoe yourself as well as the paddle there's something very powerful about the defeat of mother nature using our opposable thumbs and cognitive thought.

>> a lot of people don't know you're a woodworker. you really build canoes. what is it about woodworking that's so satisfying.

>> don't ask a serious question like that. go ahead.

>> well, especially in this day and age when everybody lives so much inside of tiny little screens, actually making and doing something with your hands is such a tangible feeling of success and and can add a very delicious tone to your day where instead of getting a high score on some sort of crushing candy game, you can look at a table that you've built that will keep your beer from falling to the floor.

>> nice.

>> which is more noble.

>> wow.

>> could you make a larger canoe for us by any chance.

>> i could, yeah. you should have called me.

>> the eats moved around like that.

>> listening to you talk, nick, and reading about you, it strikes me that you're a lot like ron swanson . is it fair to say that?

>> in some ways. our team of comedy writers takes my personality and writes it much larger.

>> you're known for your mustache but you're ambivalent in real life about the mustache.

>> sure, i'm a character actor so all of the tools in my folicular tool box are valued. one of which is my mustache. i just happen to be using that tool when my role became popular so everyone thinks i just have a hammer but i'm actually really skilled in the socket set and the saw.

>> wow.

>> how long does it take to get that. to full fruition.

>> five weeks to grow from the very top tier whisker down to the lip. that's the full swanson .

>> the full swanson .

>> i feel like i'm doing the full swanson right now.

>> this is something. how does your wife feel about the stash?

>> she is generous. even when i have a huge beard she likes it. it's a novelty for her. she likes to nestle her face into my bracken.

>> wasn't that in the third pirates of the caribbean .

>> no, it's number 17.

>> speaking of your wife, i'm reading in the book, is it true you botched the proposal? the wedding proposal?

>> not exactly. we had a gag going where i was pretending to propose a few times and i kept dropping these fake engagement rings down sewer grates and it sounds possibly mean or foolish, which i would certainly be accused of being foolish in other ways, but there was a sense of humor about it. she was in on the gag. so she would go along with it and say honey what was that that you just dropped. and i would say nothing, it was a 5 frank piece. and of course once i pulled the joke a few times, then i was on the hook if i didn't propose. then i would have been a jerk.

>> well, thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it.

>> thank you for climbing into a canoe.

>> climbing in is sort of a relative term. up next,