TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

Adele to portray pop singer Dusty Springfield

The TODAY anchors and guest co-host Brooke Shields talk pop singer Adele’s rumored move into acting, reportedly taking a role in a biopic about the late British singer Dusty Springfield.

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>>> back with more of today's take. a crazy, horrifying story that took place here in new york over the weekend. the cover of the new york post, motor psychos. a man was out for a drive on sunday with his wife, his 2-year-old child and was chased down by a group of motorcyclists. pulled out of the car.

>> they slashed his tire.

>> slashed him. he was beaten. this is from a camera mounted on the helmet of a motorcycle rider posted on youtube. two dozen motorcycles surround the range rover . they were in town for the hollywood stunts rally. a loosely organized event and things got ugly. police say he called 911. he had run over , basically, one of the motorcyclists.

>> right.

>> as he was trying to drive away to protect his family. of course you do what anyone would do which is get away for the situation. he did drive over a motorcyclist. that motorcyclist has been identified and they have a lot more people they're looking for right now. there's surveillance cameras so you better believe they're going to be on top of this.

>> and the event was that he by mistake bumped one of them or they were already surrounding them?

>> he was in a pack of them and hit one when trying to get out and he accelerated to get away from them. then they surrounded him.

>> you've got your kid in the car. a 2-year-old child.

>> i would gun it.

>> i would too.

>> he guns it right there.

>> what's not normal necessarily or regular is that usually not when you're on the west side highway surrounded by that.

>> yeah, so it's a three lane highway and, you know, i've been in those situations and it's nerve racking, you know?

>> yeah. tensions are running high.

>> and a lot of these guys ride right up on you or cut through the lanes. it's very easy to accidentally bump somebody.

>> scary situation we were at a hockey event once and hockey has a reputation, the parents can get a little overheated and my husband just slightly dinged the door of the car next to us the guy proceeded to get out of the car. my three-year-old was strapped in the back and wanted to get in a fistfight with joe and i was like joe just drive and then the guy jumps in front of our car and i'm like just keep driving. we did not run the guy over but it's a scary situation.

>> yeah.

>> yeah.

>> what must his wife have thought? you don't know what the guy's intentions are. you have a 2-year-old in the backseat.

>> just seeing that video makes me panic.

>> i would have jumped in the backseat.

>> the man in the car got stitches and was released from the hospital. so he's okay.

>> yeah.

>> so more details on this today.

>> let's move on to a little bit happier topic. adele , the great singer, rumored to star in an upcoming bio pick about dusty springfield . film project would tell the story of the celebrated english soul singer inducted into grammy hall of fame .

>> she has the hair going.

>> son of a preacher man.

>> adele can do no wrong. she is going to nail it. she'll be great.

>> the bone structure.

>> she can sing it.

>> dusty had an unbelievable range. and so does adele and most great singers have an acting in there.

>> look at jennifer hudson .

>> yes, we were thinking about those that didn't workout so well.

>> some recovered we were saying.

>> mariah carey .

>> i've been in plenty of them. i didn't mean to.

>> it's about the role.

>> and the film maker and she went on to do precious and the butler.

>> how about justin timberlake .

>> we just saw runner, runner yesterday. he is a phenomenal actor.

>> bet midler.

>> madonna.

>> madonna was sort of mixed. i liked her.

>> i think it's a matter of the character that you're playing.

>> how about from justin to kelly. kelly clarkson . now that's a movie.

>> no one has any idea what i'm talking about.

>> not a clue. i'm just going to nod my head and smile.