TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

TODAY’s Take: Al gets batty on VH1

TODAY’s Willie Geist, Al Roker, Natalie Morales and guest co-host Brooke Shields talk about the buzziest topics of the day, including Al’s cameo on a VH1 program, in which he smashes a monitor with a baseball bat, yelling “Roker does the weather!”

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>> welcome to today on this tuesday morning. it is the first day of october, 2013 .

>> hard to believe.

>> it's october.

>> it's october.

>> doesn't feel like october, though.

>> it's nice out there.

>> do something about this.

>> how great has he been?

>> he's been amazing.

>> it's been all me.

>> he has a lot to do with it.

>> my 6-year-old daughter fully believes that al roker controls the weather.

>> my 10-year-old was like are you going to meet al.

>> my daughter uses his full name . al roker .

>> i'm brooke shields . it's one word.

>> i'm willie with al, natalie, brooke's back. we don't need to introduce ourselves. the government shutdown as many expected at 12:01 this morning. the first government shut down in 17 years after democrats and republicans in congress made the new budget, the republicans did on whether obamacare remained funded. the deadline was missed so the shutdown is in effect. no solution in sight.

>> correct me if i'm wrong but even with the shutdown it still goes into effect.

>> yeah enrollment today.

>> that money was already set aside for obamacare.

>> but they were trying to defund -- the republicans in the house wanted to defund obamacare in exchange for a new bundget for this fiscal year.

>> but now 8,000 people furloughed. some things closed national park services, officers of the department of housing, labor, energy, commerce, the smithsonian.

>> but congress still gets paid, right?

>> they get paid.

>> and military.

>> well, that makes sense.

>> special measure was put into effect to ensure that the military continues to get paid.

>> air traffic control .

>> social security , medicaid, private museums like the places like that.

>> what are people not getting paid, though, that work for the government.

>> right, we talk about this in the abstract but these are real people effected by the decisions made in congress. this is one woman that works for the epa. here's her reaction.

>> congress needs to be turned over somebody's knee and spanked read hard because they're acting like small children. they are in a sand box . and they are kicking sand into the american people 's eyes. and it hurts.

>> and that's a sentiment --

>> well said.

>> well said.

>> it does seem childish in a way. i don't know. i feel so bad when i see so many people affected by it. day in and day out, you know and that's what i feel terrible about.

>> they have to come to a solution and they have to come to a solution quickly and this game can't continue. it's not about politics. it's about people's lives.

>> it's going to fan out and effect everything and everybody and soon that's not going to be maintained.

>> congress is at a 10% approval rating.

>> i'm surprised it's that high. i'm actually surprised it's that high right now.

>> 10%.

>> speaking of maybe some people should quit.

>> yeah.

>> i'm anxious to hear what you say about this video. a 25-year-old woman quits her job over interpretive dance to kanye west 's song "gone." this has gone viral. take a look. [ music playing ]

>>> first thing is first. that's a good song.

>> i love that song.

>> that's a good dance.

>> i love that song.

>> it's very well produced. her good-bye.

>> that's her job. she makes viral videos .

>> and that video, of course, has gone viral as you would expect. we did hear from her employer, next media animation. they're based in -- her job was in taiwan and they wrote we do not have many disgruntled employee issues so something like this took folks aback here. i knew she was not happy the last couple of months. taiwan is not easy for a young woman who doesn't speak mandarine but he says she makes $3,000 a month which is a pie paying job and was afforded a lot of opportunities to travel as well. not just taiwan , thailand, l.a., new york.

>> i wonder if she did anything prior to express that she was disgruntled. was this the final straw or was this just she couldn't be heard?

>> one said she knew she was not happy but this took everybody as surprise.

>> going viral.

>> there you go.

>> you know she's going to get a job.

>> do you think she gets hired.

>> i think so.

>> i think in particular because, you know she's got flair.

>> she mentioned something about a comedy career too. she may have been thinking forward.

>> all planned.

>> because it was very orchestrated.

>> yeah.

>> she knows what she is doing.

>> i've never quit anything.

>> really?

>> i've never -- i've never just decided no. i will go down in a ball of flames.

>> i quit a landscaping job once but it wasn't theatrical at all. no video. nothing.

>> i have quit to move on to other jobs of course.

>> no, third grade, violin, i didn't want to play the violin.

>> okay.

>> and the teacher went let me quit. i said i really didn't want to play the violin. i'd rather play the flute or recorder and she said i can't let you, you're my best student so i went back in class the next day and i said, oh, do you hate the violin as much as i do and she said miss shields, out. she wouldn't let me quit so guilty or innocent fired.

>> got yourself fired.

>> i got myself fired in third grade from violin.

>> that is impressive.

>> it's haunted you ever since.

>> here i am now.

>> really hurt you too, didn't it.

>> it did. i just never recovered.

>> you can't play the small violin anymore?

>> only when i'm complaining.

>> al i was on the internet and come across on a piece of video of you more violent than i've ever seen you before.

>> wow.

>> we're officially equipped to bring you the weather every morning and here to bring you your first up to the minute weather report is jason. thank you --

>> thank you. let me just make sure -- so looks like we've got a big high pressure system moving from this area over to that area -- that's --

>> no, no, roker , does weather, roker does weather. that's it. that's it.

>> roker does weather.

>> i want that on a t-shirt.

>> they started chanting my name.

>> roker , roker .

>> i know the folk there is at the big morning buzz, vh-1 asked me to come in. they had a new studio. not quite as nice as this. but very nice. in fact, carson daly 's old trl studio.

>> really?

>> exactly. how good does it feel to smash a monitor?

>> it's pretty satisfying. it was pretty fun.

>> then they plugged your book on the back end.

>> they just happened to have a copy.

>> works out nicely. i cracked the bat.

>> wow, that's not easy to do.

>> i had a little aggression