TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

Sean Hayes: New show more ‘real’ than ‘Will & Grace’

Emmy-winning actor Sean Hayes is back with a new sitcom, “Sean Saves the World.” He tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that his new character is more “real”  than Jack McFarland on “Will & Grace,” and says that being gay is the “fifth most interesting thing about him.”

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>> sean hayes won an emmy for his role as jack mcfarland .

>> you take it.

>> on will and grace and now he's back with sean saves the world while raising his teenage daughter. sot.

>> sot.

>> i just got a new and very weird boss. there are all sorts of things we could be exploring together. sharing our feelings about. oh, there it is.

>> okay. there is something i want to know.

>> great. is it how i'm coping with my new boss.

>> if you're gay then how did you and mom have sex?

>> what was that?

>> hey, sean , welcome back. how are you.

>> what happened to katie?

>> katie?

>> it's been awhile since you've been here.

>> how many years.

>> when was the last time you were here, 7 years ago?

>> look at you with the hard hitting questions. yes, seven years ago.

>> will and grace has been off the air seven years. i'm sure you had people say do a sitcom for us. why now?

>> i had a lot of friends and fans say when are you coming back to tv and i thought what an opportunity to make those four people happy. but why now because i just waited for the right thing and the right time and, you know, you have to go away long enough for people to miss you. if you just did show after show after show it would get annoying. not you. you do it every day and people can't get enough of matthew lauer .

>> will and grace -- wait one second, i have sandra bullocks questions and i would like the same questions.

>> your body looked amazing in what i saw. seriously, when you took the astronaut suit off.

>> yeah.

>> and you were just in the underwear, it's unreal.

>> you have that on repeat. me in my underwear.

>> you worry people are always going to compare this sitcom to what you did on will and grace ?

>> well, i don't live my life worrying about it but certainly it's been discussed but i mean, you're always going to get compared to the last thing you did and you're only as good as the last job you did. but i know, who knows, this is completely different. it's a completely different character.

>> he's also gay.

>> yeah.

>> but you call this series post-gay.

>> yeah. because it's the fifth most interesting thing about the character. just like it always should be. it's not about your sexual orientation or the color of your skin or whatever. there's many aspects to the character. it's a more grounded real person than the other character in will and grace .

>> we're happy to have you back.

>> it would be great if you came on like you did in will and grace .

>> one of my favorite moments.

>> that's great. it would be crazy if we have a clip right now.

>> no, we can do that at another --

>> oh, wait, what --

>> that was the live show.

>> that was one of your live shows .

>> look at that.

>> by the way, where in the world are matt lauers --

>> anyway.

>> welcome back to nbc and in new sitcom. good to have you here.

>> thank you, pleasure.

>> you can catch the series premiere of sean saves the world this thursday at 9:00,