TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

Ask your doctor: ‘Have you washed your hands?’

Hospitals across the country are urging their patients to be assertive and inquire about hand-washing regimens among doctors and nurses. Studies show that hospital staff only follow hospital rules 50 percent of the time, and the Centers for Disease Control warns that poor hand hygiene is linked to nearly 100,000 deaths a year.

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>> question and one you probably don't think you need to ask but have you washed your hands? hospitals are urging patients to ask their doctors and nurses because strict hand washing is the best way to reduce infection but hospital staff only follow the rules about 50% of the time.

>> you're the patient and you have to ask the doctor.

>> did you clean up? did you scrub up today?

>> al stands outside the men's room at nbc and says did you wash your hands.

>> it's crazy you're in a hospital. germs, people are sick. doctors and nurses are only washing their hands 50% of the time. that's not good.