TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

Police on hunt for suspects in biker gang beating

New York police are searching for suspects after an attack by bikers on an SUV this weekend was caught on tape. A good Samaritan may have given police the information they need to find the perpetrators. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>> we'll begin this half hour with the search for dozens of bikers who terrorized a family on a highway here in new york city . it's a startling case of road rage and it was all caught on tape. kristen, good morning.

>> good morning. it all ended right here on this block. a group of motorcycle riders dragging a man from his suv and beating him in front of his wife and child. now police are asking for the public's help. overnight they released photos and they're asking you to take a closer look at this video that's now gone viral.

>> reporter: the video was captured on a motorcyclist helmet cam and posted on youtube. police say what it shows is that group of bikers terrorizing a 33-year-old driver with his wife and 2-year-old daughter in the car. the motorcycles surround the black range rover. one of the bikers is bumped as they go out of frame. ray kelly says other bikers lashed out at the suv .

>> he is surrounded by 20 to 30 bicycles or motorcycles i should say. they take their helmets and they start to dent his car and apparently his tires are slash there with a knife.

>> the biker group is known to police . according to commissioner kelly they were in town for the hollywood stunts rally. a event that took over times square last year and had police on high alert this time. they received 200 complaints. lee an was one of those that called 911 in the moments before the bikers stopped in front of them. his suv surrounded and leann sped away running over a motorcycle. one of the bikers was struck breaking both of the motorcyclists legs. that sets off a wild high speed chase that lasts more than 50 blocks. they stop briefly. one of the bikers pulling open the door as she steps on the gas. the suv is forced to slow and then stop in traffic and that's when the bikers attack again. one using a helmet to smash the driver's window. another goes toward the backseat as the tape ends. but police say what is not shown is him being dragged out and beaten and his face cut within view of his wife and daughter before police arrived. now he was treated and released. he got stitches. i spoke with someone here for the motorcycle rally . he did admit it was anarchy and traffic laws were broken. there was a good samaritan that came in at the end and that group tracked the group to a nearby gas station . police are now looking at the surveillance video to try to get more information, savannah.