TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

Chris Matthews: Obamacare foes won’t give up

The host of MSNBC’s “Hardball” tells TODAY that the Republicans in the House of Representatives wield the power in the Obamacare debate, and adds that he doesn’t expect them to give up any time soon.

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>> finger pointing on this began long before the shutdown. which side of the political aisle will get most of the blame this morning? chris matthews is host of hard ball and author of tip and the giper action when politics work. good to see you.

>> good to be here.

>> do you think this will go on for a few weeks?

>> i think ted cruz brilliantly set this up. the timing no appropriations bill sign sod the government had to completely shut down. he said budget committee shouldn't meet. it's going into the debt ceiling issue. it's a one-two punch. politicians used to make deals. they don't want to make a deal this time.

>> isn't the issue who ends up feeling most of the heat? which party feels most of the blame and that will ultimately lead to a resolution here.

>> our system set this up in a way, 230 congressional districts are republican. they voted against this president and for republican congressmen. they can't be defeated on this issue. they can fight to the death on this. the president was reelected again. he won the fight over healthcare but he can't stop those people because they're unbeatable in their district. so boehner is the one that's going to take the heat.

>> in other words, these republicans that shut down the government are not going to pay a price for it in their own fortunes, but what about the republican party as a larger issue.

>> that's the question. that's why wall street is worried and people like cramer are worried. it's the business party. they are looked out for wall street and big business . in this case big business is scared to death of what's coming in two weeks. if this debt isn't paid the united states is a dead beat .

>> what part does democrats own of this. people said the president did not negotiate.

>> when you go for somebody's baby they don't negotiate over the baby. king solomon said you don't cut the baby in half if you're the mother and the president will not give up his baby. they know that. that's why this is a scary fight. they're going to ask obama to give them something he can't give them which is his healthcare plan.

>> always great to get your