TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

‘SNL,’ ‘Breaking Bad’ set high bar for television

Josh Zepps, host of HuffPostLive, recaps the weekend’s juiciest Hollywood buzz, from television season premieres to finales and everything in between.

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>>> yeah! we're back with more on "today" with the funday monday. we get you caught you with all the gossip. the big tv premieres and baby news. live josh dep. new to the show.

>> pleasure to be here.

>> all we could read about how huge "breaking bad" was.

>> huge. from m.a.s.h. to the sopranos, this was the latest. i would hope i could be a sophisticated elitist critic who could pooh-pooh it. but the fan boy in me wants to jump up and down. i loved it. i absolutely loved it.

>> everybody loved it.

>> you got to remember this is a show that started out as a critical success that nobody watched it. the first season less than one million people watched it. it wasn't until it went on netflix the first three seasons and it just started to build. this season had more than 100% increase than last season.

>> the first season of " snl ," how do you think it did?

>> i thought it was good. once you're on " snl ," everything opens up for you. six new cast members to introduce. in order to do it, they brought back tina fey , probably the most important anything in " snl " at the moment. she hosted. the six new people. she got in with the gold-bangled dance routine. and even more ridiculous and campy. i don't know. so it will be nice to see them, you know --

>> develop.

>> -- develop.

>>> jimmy kimmel and kanye west , what is going on?

>> so bizarre. kanye has such thin skin.

>> yeah.

>> he did this interview with the bbc that said he he's the greatest and rock 'n' roll.

>> jimmy got a few kids to read the transcript of his interview.

>> we do it on the show. you can believe what you're hearing, right.

>> then kanye started tweeting out that jimmy is terrible. the first honest piece of journalism in years. that's what he called. when richard engel bought his from syria, that's not serious journalism.

>> no.

>> i heard kanye took all his tweets down.

>> he took them down.

>> what does that mean?

>> you're not going to win this. kimmel is going to win this.

>> that's all you do, kanye , laugh at yourself.

>> baby news, gwen stefani ?

>> yes, apparently.

>> she has another one --

>> is she, is she? this would be the third one with the front man of bush as her husband. it's great. all these paparazzi, it's so difficult to know. you see photos of her belly. is that a baby, not a baby. it could be a bagel.

>> i always say it's a bagel.

>> how do you think of bagel?

>> she always says that.

>> gwen is known for her toned body and abs and everything. can you imagine being under that scrutiny.

>> lastly, " cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2."

>> it's the summer has been about franchises and sequels.

>> yeah.

>> and the big original things