TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

‘SNL’ pokes fun at airline passengers

The TODAY anchors salute “Saturday Night Live,” which began its 39th season this Saturday, for a sketch about the sort of people you meet on airline flights, from the disillusioned overhead bin user to the flier who is too eager for his own good.

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>> music. we have rave with 4-year-olds.

>> we were talking about snl, tina fey hosted. there was one sketch that spoke to different kind of passengers as they try to get on the plane at the gate. watch this.

>> we'd like to welcome any travellers with carry ones that have no chance in fitting in the overhead compartment.

>> oh, it will fit.

>> before we continue we would like to announce this is an overbooked flight. if anyone is willing to give up their seats in exchange for the first available flight tomorrow, please approach the desk and explain why your life style permits this. people who clap when the plane has landed. we will not board you because what you do is stupid.

>> see, i like the clap when the plane hands.

>> you're just so happy you're alive or what? oh, thank god.

>> was it that bad a flight?

>> when you fly to foreign countries, you don't see it as much.

>> there's a lot of turbulence and you land.

>> that's a different story.

>> or if there's like a crying kid, oh, thank god, we're done.

>> if you could leave tomorrow. if i could leave tomorrow, i would leave tomorrow. i'm leaving today. that's why i'm here. it's like that old delta slogan, delta gets you there. well, that's what paying you for.

>> that's the idea.