TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

Brooke Shields: ‘Breaking Bad’ finale made me happy

TODAY’s Willie Geist, Natalie Morales, Al Roker and guest co-host Brooke Shields chat about the “Breaking Bad” finale, which brought a smile to Brooke’s face. The anchors also give a thumbs up to Tina Fey hosting the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.”

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>> geist with al roker , natalie morales , brooke shields back in the house with us.

>> usually you're in for me.

>> just keeping the seat warm for you.

>> there as a party when you walked in not only because you hadn't met before but because you're wearing --

>> the bottom half of my dress and the whole part of your dress.

>> made to look like snake but it's not.

>> want to be clear.

>> not real snake.

>> no.

>> so the thing everybody is talking about this morning is the " breaking bad " finale. how many of us saw it?

>> i couldn't wait.

>> there's low risk of a spoiler alert because only brooke saw the finale.

>> so our viewers that haven't seen it yet.

>> it's too late. everybody's going to know.

>> don't give away too much. but did it live up to your expectations?

>> it was beyond. part of me likes happy endings and in this weird sort of breaking bad world it was a happy ending and he says i'm never going to tell me -- and then at the final moment --

>> hey, hey, hey --

>> everybody has seen it.

>> nobody has seen it.

>> i was happy with the end.

>> how many of you were like me yesterday downloading season one, two, three, four?

>> a lot of catch up.

>> i'm so behind. i have fomo. fear of missing out.

>> even if you're not watching it and everybody is talking about it you're thinking there's something wrong with me. i've got to know. i've got to know.

>> i have had the seasons for the last four years. and i cannot get through the first season. it is so intense. some shows you can binge watch. i cannot binge watch that show.

>> no, you need a little alcohol.

>> oh.

>> that's the problem.

>> suddenly susan in like 1999 this kid, we were doing a tribute episode to one of our cast members that had passed away and we did a tribute episode to him and we hired a bunch of kids and it's a day in his life and you see how he touched people's lives and there's one kid and it was aaron paul and he was a broading actor and i thought this kid is so unhappy on a sitcom. he's either a serious actor or he's going to have a bad attitude and nobody is going to want to hire him. thank god it was the other. but it's so interesting to watch. he is an actor that wanted that depth and intensity. i don't know how any of them survived this show.

>> look at brian cranston . he was on malcolm in the middle . blowing everybody away. no pun intended.

>> and the attention to detail like i said last week is they're all working so hard together and they have -- when you really watch it and get a chance to watch it, you get a little desensitized to the blood and gore but it brilliantly crafted.

>> if i'm hung over tomorrow it's because i'm binge watching and binge drinking .

>> now you have an excuse.

>> part of my master plan.

>> brooke told me to do it.

>> contract that with the finale of the sopranos which a lot of people weren't happy about or newhart.

>> that was spectacular. that one and mary tyler moore .

>> the more the sopranos marinated people liked it.

>> i don't think so. people were still upset.

>> they were confused by it and the more you thought about it you thought it was brilliant.

>> people thought their tvs went out.

>> you have to fill in your own ending.

>> what do you think happened?

>> i think it just goes on. i don't think anything happens.

>> yeah.

>> the waiting for it and it never happens.

>> it's that anticipation is what they wanted to create. that must be what it's like to live their lives.

>> somebody coming in the door could be death. your waiter, your waitress.

>> still that whole ending just still, in my mind, i can't --

>> you don't like it?

>> i don't like it. it makes me angry.

>> you have unresolved issues.

>> i think you'll love the end of breaking bad because i feel the same way about wanting it in a neat package.

>> i like to know how things end.

>> see.

>> by the way, i want to throw in a little plug, "the blacklist" on nbc.

>> blew me away.

>> spectacular. it's like homeland meets silence of the lamb . instead of eating people he's eating the scenery. he is spectacular.

>> i can't believe this is on network tv . it's intense and violent and this relationship. it's like silence of the lambs .

>> more tv to watch.

>> more alcohol.

>> anything else? homeland to catch up on too.

>> natalie is going to be drunk forever.

>> homeland last night.

>> i love fall tv, though. so good.

>> snl .

>> snl .

>> remember when you got the fall edition of the tv guide .

>> vaguely.

>> i remember it, al.

>> he was ten years old.

>> i was on the cover.

>> oh.

>> you get that premiere week edition of the tv guide and i was such a nerd. i would literally get two copies, one to save and one to go through. look at what's coming --

>> you would save them? what would you save them for?

>> he really did read it for the articles.

>> i was on the cover of the v guide that george --

>> true story?

>> in the sinefeld episode i'm on.

>> really?

>> he says al roker , same thing.

>> okay. well, you brought it up. were you happy with that finale because a lot of people weren't?

>> i can't even remember it.

>> in jail.

>> it is a metaphor. it's a metaphor.

>> really? i don't do metaphors.

>> no.

>> you liked the soprano's ending. that was a total metaphor.

>> it was open ended .

>> we mentioned snl . they had a big night .

>> yes, they did.

>> tina fey was great.

>> she played that girl.

>> you dress like baby.

>> stop talking. stop talking or they will drown you in the river.

>> i must eat the doughnut from your head.

>> you do that well.

>> i loved it.

>> you are fat. you are baby fat .

>> that downturned mouth.

>> big moment at the weekend update desk. the passing of the torch. she could take over on her own. let's see how she did.

>> would you mind if i just gave you a couple of pieces of advice, though.

>> i would love it.

>> here's what it is. keep your head down you do your time. on the first day you go up to the biggest guy in the yard and punch him in the face. don't mess with texas. keep your feet on the ground, keep, reaching for the stars , believe in your nightmares. see this man here? this man don't own you. you do you. you in charge. say it.

>> i'm in charge.

>> say it like you mean it.

>> i'm in charge.

>> good. that's real good. i'm going to give you my phone number. do not call me.

>> tina fey speaks from experience on that desk where she was with jimmy fallon all of those years.

>> she's incredibly funny. she will be good at that job.

>> they did a pretty good skit that was new cast member or member of arcade fire .

>> right.

>> nobody knows who they are.

>> i love arcade fire.

>> nobody knows the new cast.

>> the new cast.

>> you just have another drink.

>> i'll start now and then i'll start my binge watching of breaking bad .

>> or binge drinking either one and then you can do the fourth hour.

>> i'll be well ahead of the ladies.

>> she loves arcade fire but hates the soprano's finale.

>> she's angry.

>> al, let's get a look of the weather.

>> let's see what we got for you starting off in the pacific northwest , they have gotten hammered rain-wise. some areas picking up up to 10 inch of rain. we're talking about more coming. you can see some areas up to 10 inches. seattle will break a record later today. you can see more rain coming in. we have winter weather advisories. we have flood watches. flood warnings out there. another 4 to 8 inches of snow in the cascade mountains and rainfall amounts another two to three. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.

>>> that's your latest weather.

>> i want to point out an event i did yesterday for the parkinsons foundation. my father has parkinson's but there's another disease called dystonia people don't know about. it's the third largest movement disease. they do a bike ride called jake's ride out in new jersey. i was honored to be a part of it and shine light on dystonia. hopefully people can check it out. it's a big problem overshadowed by parkinson's.