TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

JetBlue launches new premium class

Airline JetBlue will unveil a new premium section on flights between New York and San Francisco, as well as to Los Angeles. The new “Mint” section includes seats that lie flat, customized amenity kits, and a brand new menu. It will be offered to fliers for an extra fee beginning June 15, 2014.

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>> airline jet blue . today it will unveil a new upscale section called mint. it's essentially their version of first class. what will it feature? flat seats, fancier meals and large tvs. so everything savannah has on her plane. the flight will take off next june.

>> aren't you hilarious.

>> jet blue made a name for itself as a airline that treats everybody equally.

>> what's the price point.

>> we don't have information on pricing yet.

>> it's from new york to l.a. and new york to san francisco which is a very competitive route.

>> if it was less than the average first class seat they might be on to something.

>> it makes the average flyer feel like they're in first class it will be a success. they have to have the blue chips .

>> they're known for good service. so people will pay more