TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

Spoiler alert: Bridget Jones author kills off character

Fans of the “Bridget Jones’s Diary” novels are taking to social media after author Helen Fielding announced the death of beloved character Mark Darcy. Fielding discusses reader concerns with the upcoming sequel and jokes about how she broke the news to actor Colin Firth, who played the character on the big screen.

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>> alert.

>> wait, wait.

>> do we really want to do this?

>> i don't want to do it to be honest.

>> bridget jones .

>> do you love that book.

>> do you want to know how it ends?

>> no, no interest. i thought it was "breaking bad".

>> honestly, they want us to tell --

>> you're not going to give the culmination of the next book but something that happens early in the book. it's devastating. if you love bridget jones , this is the time to go away and come back in 30 seconds. you have been warned. the newest book, mad about the boy , excerpts of it was published in a british newspaper and people, brace yourselves, natalie --

>> i'm bracing.

>> mr. darcy -- mr. darcy dies.

>> wasn't he in downton abbey.

>> no, come on.

>> colin firth , in the movie, played mr. darcy , he dies.

>> how does he die?

>> you have to read the book to find out.

>> but of course immortalized by colin firth .

>> well, jenna bush -hager just wrapped up an interview with the author and jenna asked her how she broke the news to colin firth .

>> i had a conversation with colin which was one of the strangest conversations i've ever had where hi to tell him that mark had died and i had to ask colin if he was sitting down, if he had someone with him and the way we were talking to each other was literally as if someone had died but then we kept sort of laughing because they hadn't.

>> by the way, we'll have more of jenna's exclusive interview next week.

>> that is if we don't die of sadness first.

>> mr. darcy lives on. i'm