TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

Welcome home! Will and Kate move into posh digs

Prince William and Duchess Kate are moving into a 20-room apartment at Kensington Palace boasting staff quarters and a private walled gardens that reportedly cost taxpayers more than $2 million in renovations. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> to a milestone in the live of the duke and duchess of cambridge, they're preparing to move into their palace. michelle kosinski is at the other palace, buckingham, good morning to you.

>> hey, savannah. kate became a duchess and princess when she married william and now she gets the palace. insiders think it will be this week that the royal couple and baby move out of their cottage at kensington and into their grand apartment.

>> reporter: it is called simply apartment 1-a but a palace in every sense. 20 rooms including receptions, staff quarters, nursery, private walled gardens and is likely to be furnished with antiques from the priceless royal collection . meredith got a look at the century's old inner sanctum years ago.

>> kate has been overseeing the whole plan. she has been in charge of the decor and picking the curtains and the carpet.

>> it's taken a long time and reportedly more than $2 million, much of it taxpayer money, to renovate what was once princess margaret 's home. that meant installing a new kitchen, all sure to be in perfect shape for the family in the same palace where william and harry grew up and were frequently naughty and shared happy memories.

>> my room was right next door to the nursery. it was a very happy atmosphere t in the nursery and william will want to replicate that atmosphere where ever possible with his children. it will be fantastic.

>> yeah, kind of like you guys turned studio 1 -a into a palace. but also this month is the christening of baby prince george in the same place where queen elizabeth i prayed before battling the spanish armada and where princess diana 's body lay for a week after she died. and they think there will be a tribute to diana during the christening.

>> all right. michelle could say michelle thank you so much. we have steals and deals discounts for our viewers. clothes and lipstick. jill martin not part of the deal there