TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

Amanda Knox murder retrial begins in Italy

Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito are being retried for the murder of Knox’s former roommate Meredith Kercher. NBC’s Keith Miller reports

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>> with us.

>> we begin with the retrial of amanda knox and her ex-boyfriend over the killing of her british roommate. we'll talk to raffaelle sollecito this morning. keith has more on the trial. good morning to you.

>> good morning. two judges and six jurors will hear this case right from the beginning. the defendants continuing to claim their innocence and this morning, the defense team requested that the forensic evidence be reevaluated.

>> reporter: this is the third time that amanda knox will face trial for murder and violent sexual assault and may not be the last. the court ordered the appeal of the not guilty verdict describing the ruling as full of deficiencies, contradictions and illogical conclusions and it called for a full review of all of the evidence.

>> the question for me as an attorney is whether that evidence is now after so many years reliable. whether the chain of custody was properly preserved.

>> it was almost six years agatha knox and her former boyfriend raffaelle sollecito were accused of murdering meredith kercher , an exchange student from england. knox , appealing like the all american girl was accused of participating in a drug fuelled sex game gone wrong. she was found not guilty on appeal after serving four years in prison. knox is not required to attend court and she told matt last week she can't face more time behind bars.

>> i was already imprisoned as an incident person in italy and i can't reconcile the choice to go back with that experience. it's not a possibility. it is -- it was imprisoned as an innocent person and i just can't relive that.

>> reporter: the victim's family welcomes the appeal convinced, along with italy's supreme court , that the one man convicted of the crime, did not act alone. this trial could last a year, maybe more and even then the knox saga may not be over. more appeals are possible. leaving the knox case in a sort of legal ping-pong and nobody knowing when it could end -- when it will finally end, savannah.