TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

Anna Chapman won’t discuss proposing to Edward Snowden

Russian ex-spy Anna Chapman was deported from the United States in 2010 and now she has her own television show called “Mysteries of the World.” She told NBC’s Richard Engel even though she publicly tweeted a marriage proposal to Edward Snowden, she wouldn’t discuss the details.

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>> the former russian spy anna chapman is the host of a new television show and sat down for a rare interview with richard engle. good morning to you.

>> good morning. this is a bit of a strange man. you remember her of course. u.s. officials accused her of being a honey trap sent to the united states to seduce powerful americans and send information back to moscow. she remains very secretive but certainly not camera shy.

>> reporter: it was the biggest story of it's kind since the cold war . 10 russian spies living quitely in the united states uncovered and deported in 2010 . among them, anna chapman , a sexy red head . the fbi recorded her transmitting electronic messages to russian handlers while shopping discussing a fake passport . anna who leaded guilty was a tabloid favorite. a real life bond girl . dubbed the spy that loved us. after revealing photographs taken by her ex-husband came out she turned it into a modeling career posing for maxim magazine and walking the cat walk at moscow fashion shows and got her own tv show about aliens and ghosts called mysteries of the world. chapman agreed to sit down with a rare interview with nbc news to promote her television show .

>> you lived a very mysterious life. one you still don't like talking about and now you're on television. does that seem strange to you?

>> i'm a very private discreet person and i still don't do many interviews because i just don't like to share. and i don't believe that people would be interested in knowing about somebody's life.

>> they would be interested in knowing about your life.

>> but it's still very hard for me to believe this.

>> going into the interview, chapman told us she considered details of her personal life too sensitive to share and we found out how sensitive when we asked about a public marriage proposal she posted on twitter to edward snowden , the nsa programmer who escaped to russia after revealing classified details about american intelligence.

>> online you recently tweeted a marriage proposal to edward snowden .

>> i'm not going to discuss this.

>> was it serious or a joke.

>> richard .

>> you can't discuss even something you tweeted online. you said, marry me, edward snowden .

>> we're going to cut this.

>> you can't talk about that?

>> no.

>> she walked out. the girl in red. still in the spotlight, but still an i nigam.

>> in some ways it's ironic that she posts a television show about aliens and mysteries because the fbi investigation into her sleeper cell was code named ghost stories .

>> there's so much weird about this. so how long did you actually interview her before she walked out.

>> probably 5 or 6 minutes. she didn't want to talk about her personal life or time in the united states and as soon as we started heading in that direction, the interview is over. i can't do this. i got the sense that somebody had told her don't go there. don't talk about this.

>> interesting. but she was more than happy to promote the show.

>> promote the show.

>> i like how she said richard .

>> did that work.

>> it was one of the more bizarre interviews i've done.