TODAY   |  September 30, 2013

American daredevil pulls off scariest stunt of his life

Jeb Corbliss narrowly lands a record-breaking helicopter jump on Saturday in China, diving from the copter and soaring the length of three football fields through a mountain pass of 25 feet wide.

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>>> an american daredevil pulled off a spectacular stunt this weekend. jeb corliss flew through a narrow opening in china. 60 feet wide at the top and 11 feet wide at the bottom. after a heavy landing he said it was exhilarating. he said it was the most spectacular and scary stunt he had ever done. he was about two feet away from the wall. that was a hard landing all right. deployed that shoot just 300 feet above ground.

>> you can make it through the 60 foot gap in the mountain but hung up on a railing on the walk way.

>> the exact word he used was narly.

>> i would have used a different word.