TODAY   |  March 28, 2015

Chuck Todd: ‘Anything possible’ with clock ticking

NBC’s political director Chuck Todd says that though some Republicans won’t budge on their party’s stance on the healthcare law, there is a group of Republicans who could convince John Boehner to make a temporary deal.

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>>> out war. let's get to chuck todd . good morning to you. you're going to take a bit of a contrary position to conventional wisdom this morning. you don't think it's inevitable that the government shuts down tonight?

>> whenever there's time on the legislative clock something could happen. what john boehner has going on inside among house republicans is while there are that small band of loud conservatives that are wanting to not cave and not give in to anything. do whatever it takes to stop the healthcare law, there is a growing chorus of moderate republicans telling boehner don't do this. you remember how bad this was for the republican party 20 years ago. what are you doing? you're putting the majority at risk and boehner has a couple of options, savannah. he could blink as far as buy time and do a clean funding bill for one week. anything is possible when there's time on the clock. so we should be careful assuming we're car reening toward the end.

>> well it seems to me this all comes down to who thinks they will get the blame for a shuttown. f shutdown. for 17 years it's been that the republicans paid for the shutdown in the 90s but new republicans aren't sure that's true.

>> they say healthcare was more unpopular than anything debated in the mid 90s. they think this is a different time t. way people get their information is different so it won't be just the big, bad mainstream media controlling the narrative. there's a lot of reasons they think things will be different this time but there's one article of faith that i always put my analysis in when you see the show downs. which party is united and which party isn't? democrats are united and republicans are fighting so that's why you have to assume at some point boehner is going to blink. is it today or does he allow the government to shutdown for a few days and then blink.