TODAY   |  September 29, 2013

Darius Rucker pens new tune for Lester

Musician Darius Rucker wrote a special song to celebrate Lester Holt’s 10 years on TODAY. “I’m proud to say you are my friend,” Rucker said.

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>>> as we celebrate this anniversary, one fan couldn't be here die but did want to help mark this milestone.

>> from one music man to another, here is his tribute to you, his friend.

>> i remember going to the housing works book shop starting my country career not knowing what i was going to happen. i was ready to play my show. you walk in as a fan and a friend and sit there and listen to the whole show. blown away by your professionalism and proud to say you're my friend. since i know you started in skun tri radio, a song for you. driving down the highway, lester was a deejay, i found a spot on the side of the road , he'd play something on the radio like a feel real good song we'll know it when it comes on we didn't have no money, no place to go all we needed was a radio happy ten years, man. i can honestly say i'm so proud to call you my friend. if i ever need a bass player , i know who to call.

>> i've been telling you that for years. darius rucker .

>> he also sent this beautiful electric base. he signed it. he wants you to sign it. it's going to be auctioned off to the charity musicians on call.

>> one of the great guys. i asked him, why is everybody so nice in country music ? darius said to me, even the jerks are nice in country music . he is one of the great guys. that means so much to me, darius.

>> we'll have you sign that so it can be auctioned off for musicians on call.