TODAY   |  September 29, 2013

#WhyILoveLester: Viewers congratulate anchor

TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer and msnbc's Craig Melvin share a few tweets from viewers about what they find special about Lester, including one girl who joked her 81-year-old grandma calls Lester her boyfriend.

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>>> about the reasons why we love you.

>> stop.

>> we've been asking people that, too with the hash tag of why i love lester . dylan and craig are in the orange room with responses.

>> people love lester . with the hash tag why i love lester , we had to first get jenna in here. she says after all these years he's still so beautifully curious about life. might explain why he's always snooping around my office. classic jenna, making jokes even when she can't be here. there we go.

>> this grandmother, my 81-year-old grandmother has been calling lester her boyfriend since she first laid eyes on him. classic love for lester .

>> lester has tweets, too.

>> we have pictures over here, tweets as well. here are some of his pictures and tweets he's posted as well. lots of cool stuff. you can go online and check that out. i'll send it back over to you guys.

>> all right. we'll take it. there are great things you can read online. you said yesterday you feel awkward reading them, people are so nice. it's all this attention.

>> it's a privilege, but i have to peek late here and there.

>> always peeking a little.

>>> as we celebrate this anniversary, one fan couldn't be here die but did want to help mark this milestone.

>> from one music man to another, here is his tribute