TODAY   |  September 29, 2013

Look back at Lester Holt's decade on TODAY

“Ten years anchoring Weekend TODAY is an enormous accomplishment” said TODAY’s Matt Lauer, who joined other members of the TODAY family to share their love for Lester between highlights of his best moments on air.

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>>> for the past ten years lester has woken up early on the weekends to anchor the broadcast, whether in the stewed ye or out in the field. he's also a trusted common voice of reason at least until we make him do something odd, goofy, kind of stupid. a look back at a decade of lester on " weekend today ."

>> welcome to today on a saturday, on a sunday, i'm lester holt .

>> he is just part of the family and fabric.

>> he personifies you would want anyone in this building to be.

>> he's so dedicated to getting the story right. he's a true journalist.

>> here is the mosque where the taliban was established.

>> he challenges what we're doing. he wants us to be the best show possible.

>> i can't imagine everything he's experienced in ten years on the " weekend today " show alone. the stories he's gotten to do, the people he's met.

>> whether he's doing recipes in the morning or hot yoga on " weekend today " or whether we see him in the midst of a revolution in egypt --

>> what we are experiencing is a taste of freedom.

>> very few people are able to do what lester does.

>> the fighting continues here in lebanon.

>> a beating is the word right now. i don't know where to start, so much is taking place.

>> he is one of our absolute weapons we can use to cover any kind of story.

>> we want to turn now to the ground zero .

>> the haitian people know something about resilience.

>> lester can be the serious newsman we know he sand yet he can also make fun of himself. i know that if you've watched the show with any regularity, you know he's afraid of snakes.

>> no, don't do that.

>> the comfort level you get i think from watching lester comes from knowing he's flown these missions.

>> another thing people might not know about lester , he's a ginormous plain nerd.

>> less do it. that's what i'm talking about.

>> okay.

>> very few people say, lester holt , that guy is hilarious. you want to know something? he's actually hilarious.

>> we've got a life preserve very on, so if it rains, you're out of luck.

>> the best sense of humor.

>> if anyone wants to purchase the brooklyn bridge , please see me at the end of the tour.

>> my favorite lester moment was halloween. we were the kardashians.

>> technically i'm a jenner.

>> susan boyle.

>> you know what the situation is, this is the situation.

>> when i stop by his office, do you know what he's doing? playing the bass.

>> he gets down. he's cool. lester is cool.

>> listen to this man.

>> we were all given the assignment to pick our favorite teen idol. who did lester choose? the male cast members of the partridge family . what? on a side note, lester when he finally met danny bonaduce , you're the reason i play bass, man.

>> never played a note. never even had a lesson.

>> you've totally destroyed me.

>> we had fun in survival school. they plopped us down in the middle of the desert. we were given two instructions. survive.

>> wow, i made fire.

>> get along. if you don't get along, fine. just survive.

>> we came here and this was not meant to be a competition, at least by them. it was for me and i'm kicking their butts.

>> touts himself as being a fairly fit guy, really wants to be athletic.

>> whoa.

>> i didn't know he was a ringer at ping-pong.

>> we had a rather interesting first workout. it was a near death experience for lester .

>> hold it tight.

>> the second workout didn't come out nearly as well as the first.

>> we are not even halfway there.

>> arms up.

>> jamaica was an incredibly successful bonding trip. there's a big part of jamaica in both of our heritage. for lester , he went back with his mother.

>> it's like now i'm home. this is just unbelievable.

>> most people today are going to talk about him as a professional and a broadcaster of journalism. he's a great husband and great father.

>> he's the nicest, most genuine person i've ever met.

>> mr. nbc, they should have a contest, he would win.

>> the wonderful thing about lester is he is exactly the person you would imagine he would be. he's fun. he's funny. he's incredibly smart. he's so kind.

>> lester has held any chair he's ever sat in for a long period of time with great stability and care and skill. ten years anchoring " weekend today " is an enormous