TODAY   |  September 29, 2013

Lester’s family surprise him during 10-year bash

Lester Holt’s wife and two sons join Lester to celebrate his 10 years behind the TODAY anchor desk. “Thank you guys for your support,” Lester Holt told his family, taking his wife’s hand.

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>> i'll say it again. best job in television. you have to get up at this hour and be here with people that you love and have a family that supports you. you need to have that as you know when you do what we do.

>> your wonderful family, your wife carol, sons stefan.

>> my lovely wife, my replacement -- this one it's been a running joke . cameron , he didn't know i work mornings because i would come home and be in jeans with a cup of coffee by the time he'd wake up. it's been a running joke .

>> i didn't know dad worked.

>> he was up late watching football, his team. glad you made it. it's lovely to have my family here and my other family here.

>> you guys have sacrificed a lot, too. carol, you guys have been married what? 31 years?

>> 31 years.

>> i know there are plenty of times, many recently where he's come home and he's off to somewhere. you've gotten to join him on some of those trips which is a nice perk.

>> i do. guy on some of the fun trips but not where the bombs are dropping or i need body armor .

>> that part we leave to him.

>> that was in beijing .

>> beijing , olympics, beijing .

>> a little torino, some safari. that worked out well.

>> worked out fairly well in terms of the sacrifices.

>> cameron , what is it like watching your -- apparently not watching your dad.

>> dvr.

>> but when he's always away on a story and he comes back home? what's it like?

>> it's tough with him always on the road. but it's fun, if i ever want to watch him, i can turn him on, he's usually on the air.

>> somewhere to find me.

>> stefan, you're actually the morning anchor in chicago at wmaq. at what point did you realize, i want to grow up and do what dad does?

>> it's fun being back in the studio. this is my first time seeing it since it's been redone. as a high schooler i used to come here on "weekend today," i would be behind the scenes watching and absorbing everything. not realizing but maybe this is something i can do. it wasn't until about college, i said this is what i think i want to do.

>> you didn't talk him out of it?

>> no, i'm proud. cameron is making his way in the world of finance. i'm glad we got him over to the nbc family.

>> you guys anchored together last thanksgiving which we loved watching. you came back, to watch you talk about that, how wonderful your son was doing, but what that moment was like for you?

>> it was. right before they go to us, we're sitting there on the seth, suddenly the father took over i said, you know, right here when it says two shot -- they're going to show both of us. and then i think, oh, he's a professional.

>> we appreciate all of you coming in to help us celebrate. this ten years wouldn't have been possible without your support.

>> thank you for your support. it's been great. your sense of humor.