TODAY   |  September 29, 2013

How will it end? ‘Breaking Bad’ finale countdown

Millions of fans are getting ready for the final episode of the popular gritty series “Breaking Bad.” But can the finale hold up to the hype? NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>>> it's been called one of the best dramas on tv. tonight millions will tune in for the last ever episode of " breaking bad ," a gritty, to say the least, series about a drug dealing school teacher as its main character .

>> will the finale live up to all the hype that surrounded the show for years? michelle franzen takes a look.

>> reporter: you could say all bad things must come to an end, and it's been an anxious wait for fans of tonight's finale of " breaking bad ."

>> really disappointing it's ending. i'm sad to see it go.

>> reporter: the drama of amc's run-away hit for seven years has had viewers on edge following walter white 's spiral from a teacher and family man to a meth-cooking drug lord and villainous killer.

>> you killed --

>> reporter: a jaw dropping plot and a character fans love to hate. what the last episode delivers is all the buzz on blogs and online. it's the most-watched series on cable and the last episode is expected to draw some 8 million viewers.

>> people discovered it on netflix and itunes, other sources. friends said you have to watch this show. and the bachbd wagon has gained speed.

>> when it comes to fin nall lease it's often hard for writers to meet expectations. "the sopranos" now famous fade to black along with the final episodes of "seinfeld" and "lost" fell flat with fans. but for other be loved series like "m.a.s.h. wrshl and "the bob newhart show ." actor brian cranston who plays the despicable walt summed it up.

>> the ending is perfect, unapologetic, perfect " breaking bad ."

>> just the bad ending fans are hoping for. for today, michelle franzen , nbc news.

>>> i'm not caught up in the show and i think i got something spoiled for me there.

>> we'll make up for that with good stuff later in the show. sorry about the