TODAY   |  September 29, 2013

Amanda Knox retrial to begin Monday

A new trial will get underway for Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend in Italy Monday. This time the trial is in a different city, with new prosecutors, and Knox and her co-accused will not be in court. NBC's Chapman Bell reports.

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>>> turning now to the latest chapter for amanda knox , accused of killing her british roommate in italy . tomorrow she faces yet another battle in court. chapman bell is live in florence this morning with a preview. chapman , good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. it was about two years ago when amanda knox was acquitted in perugia, italy . it seemed like her legal troubles were over. tomorrow a new case gets under way for her and her former boyfriend in italy , this time in a different city with new prosecutors. she and her co-accused won't even be in court here tomorrow. it was a criminal trial that captivated the world. amanda knox and her former italian boyfriend raffaele sollecito charged with the murder of meredith kercher . the four spent almost four years in italy , held behind bars before their trial began. they were convicted of murder and sexual assault in 2009 and sentenced to a quarter century in prison. she was freed on appeal in the same court almost two years later. in march the high court overturned the decision and sent the case back to trial. those hearings will take place at this florence courthouse. earlier this month on "today" knox told matt lauer she was not going back.

>> i was in prison as an innocent person and i just can't relive that. i'm not -- i don't think i'm going to be put back in prison. i think that we're going to win.

>> reporter: even if she comes out on top in this newest battle, it may take a while for knox to truly be free.

>> they can get another acquittal. the prosecutor can appeal the acquittal again. it can go back to the supreme court . the supreme court macon firm the acquittal or send it back for another evaluation. this is what you call judicial ping-pong.

>> reporter: potentially leaving the seattle native in legal limbo for even longer. italy 's high court sent this case back to trial citing the need to re-evaluate certain elements that led to their acquittal, including forensic analysis methods and the question of motive. both knocks ax and her former boyfriend still maintain their innocence.

>> chapman bell, thanks.