TODAY   |  September 29, 2013

Olympic torch ready for Sochi Winter Games

Greece hosted the lighting ceremony for the Winter Games in Sochi Sunday. The flame will travel across Russia’s nine time zones. TODAY’s Craig Melvin reports.

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>>> ready for relay. the olympic flame lighting ceremony for the 2014 winter games went off without a hitch in southern greece. the torch is set to make its way to russia. it will arrive in moscow october 7 , then journey some 40,000 miles across russia's nine time zones before the games officially begin february 7. that's 130 days from now. that's the news.

>> i didn't know you had that in your newscast. do you know erica, one of her fantasies is to carry the olympic torch .

>> it's on her bucket list.

>> you did it with a broken footed, too.

>> my goal is to get you with the torch --

>> start of the campaign.

>> i'll sign up for that campaign. thanks, lester holt . you guys are the best.