TODAY   |  September 28, 2013

Survivor of Kenya mall attack: It has made me stronger

Sneha Kothair-Mashru was having coffee with friends at the mall in Nairobi, Kenya, last week when gunfire rang out. She hit the floor and played dead in order to survive. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> one week since the horrific mall massacre in nairobi . this morning how a man helped save a young girl and her family. rob is live with us in nairobi .

>> reporter: there are more signs every day in the neighborhood that people are getting back to their norm daily routine. three official days of mourning are over. there are more people trying to focus every day on the heroes and survivors of those three awful days. unbelievable acts of heroism. the police officer reaching a family with children and reassuring them and leading hem to safety. the man reach outing to the girl is ab dull haji because his brother was trapped. there is porsche just 4 running to him.

>> just running towards strangers holding gun i thought that was brave. i thought she was brave.

>> reporter: she was with her mother and four brothers and sisters , americans living here. like so many survivors, waltons told us they are not ready to talk about their ordeal. haji said he just reacted to the situation.

>> rescuing people and getting people out of danger so no time to think of fear or being scared.

>> i think this thing has just made me strong.

>> reporter: this lady was there with friends having coffee. gunfire pinned them down and she was lying next to a boy and his phone ringing loudly and tried to switch it off afraid it would attract attention.

>> when i put my hand under him i realized this guy had been shot because he was bleeding. he was bleeding heavily. a lot of blood there.

>> reporter: to play dead she covered herself with the boy's blood and laid still until help finally arrived.

>> i felt really, really guilty doing that.

>> reporter: guilty?

>> yeah, i felt a little bit guilty because there is this young boy .

>> reporter: you don't know who this young man is?

>> no. i'd love to know who he was, because i think that his blood protected me.

>> reporter: saved your life?

>> saved my life, yeah.

>> reporter: she is safe with her husband and young son and still wondering what happened to the boy who helped save her probably without even knowing it. so many incredible stories of survival. we understand that there were more than a thousand people rescued from that mall over the course of those several days. now, officials tell us there are no longer any people who are not accounted for from the mall. the death toll stands at 67. the investigation continues. erica?

>> ron allen in nairobi , thank