TODAY   |  September 27, 2013

Put the fun in functional with these kids’ room crafts

Environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo demonstrates how to “upcycle” old shopping bags to make couture storage containers for toys, and other great project ideas to revamp your kids’ bedroom.

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>>> you're ready to redesign their bedroom, you could save money using items around the house.

>> here to show you how and put us to work, author of environmental lifestyle. that's this week. "upcycle celebration." danny .

>> all about reinventing yourself.

>> i was hoping for a new attitude about me.

>> no, not so much. what's going on?

>> kids' toys. how adorable is this idea?

>> darling.

>> you grab a branch from the yard, drill two holes, grab a rope and they have a place to swing.

>> you're batting 1,000 but we have a long way to go.

>> are we going to be making something.

>> grab an old sweater and grab the can from your recycling bin. see these cozy covers.

>> they are cute.

>> wrap it around the can. you guys can do this. anyone can do this. you wrap it around the can.

>> meaning hoda.

>> you're embassying me again.

>> cozy little sweater covers.

>> what do you mean we're done? we haven't got it on the dad-gum can yet.

>> done.

>> i like to do things properly.

>> you didn't cut it.

>> i don't know how much i need. keep going.

>> weekend project. okay, guys. look at this.

>> no thank you. thank you.

>> okay. this button art back here.

>> that's pretty.

>> milkshake, star, french fries .

>> you made these yourself.

>> it takes a couple hours.

>> wild night last night. you and about a million buttons.

>> oh, my gosh. take a piece of chalk. you're doing it wrong. basically do the outline you want to do and use white craft glue to adhere the buttons to your design. what are you making?

>> i'm making a person.

>> you need maybe a tenth of that glue to do the project.

>> she made a little head . i'm trying.

>> you take the glue and literally put a do the on the back and you stick it on and you're done. this is going to take forever.

>> we believe you.

>> there are billions and billions of legos out there. you can upcycle them to make -- look how cute this is. it's a little key chain holder for hoda, you're apartment.

>> that would go with any decor.

>> the trick is you take one of these lego pieces and do whatever saying you want. you have to buy special pieces at the lego store to hold it.

>> that's too much work.

>> keep it there. for a kids room. they have library cards.

>> we're talking kids. i forgot. it's been three minutes. that's actually cute.

>> take a shopping bag , okay? cut out a square here and here, get a handle, you get a little basket to hold your toys.

>> how cute.

>> piece of tape, scissors.

>> that's kind of cute, danny .

>> how again?

>> literally two squares. you cut out the sides. it's really easy. imagine like a tiffany bag you have or something, you can upcycle it to a really pretty container.

>> danny , you're adorable. we don't care what anybody says. we like you a lot?