TODAY   |  September 27, 2013

SNL’s Kenan Thompson: I’m excited to see new talent

“Saturday Night Live” veteran Kenan Thompson talks about the 39th season of the show, which begins Saturday with a lot of new faces in the wake of the departures of many well-known cast members.

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>>> and that's your latest weather.

>> the 39th season of saturday night live premieres tomorrow night.

>> yes it does.

>> and look at this, outside, die hard fans camping out for days now.

>> he's got the beard.

>> he was completely clean shaven .

>> they hope to be the ones to get that precious standby ticket. there's no guarantee they get in.

>> would you camp out.

>> for the reason premiere with this guy running the show.

>> and the guests.

>> yeah.

>> arcade fire , tina fey .

>> 11 seasons already.

>> 11, right? crazy.

>> how old are you?

>> 35.

>> no you're not.

>> that's so bloody young.

>> thank you very much. thank you very much. willie good to see you. i overslept you one time on a morning show . have to apologize.

>> no, that's okay.

>> but i'm up this morning.

>> no, you're up. tell me about this season. a lot of people, familiar faces are gone. bill hader is gone, what does that do to the field?

>> it changes, you know? michelle is 39 years old so there's always been seasons where new people come in. this might be one of the larger changes in history but i'm very excited.

>> he's going to make it work.

>> there's five new guys and one crazy awesome new lady. her name is noelle and it's exciting to see new talent.

>> do you see new pressure? you're the veteran. the show is on you now.

>> yeah, that's a lot of pressure, man. like will ferrell and chris rock and all of those guys, just to even be mentioned in the same sentence as those guys as veterans is crazy to me.

>> you guys are pumped for the new season. with tina fey coming out as your first host, that has to be pretty good.

>> it will be easy for me because she knows how to do the show. so i'll be chilling with my feet up.

>> of course when she had that wardrobe malfunction.

>> she did.

>> she flashed.

>> so who are we going to see --

>> there it is.

>> hilarious.

>> do you actually see them?

>> i did. i saw -- she had some kind of silk stocking over them or something.

>> but you looked any way.

>> yeah. it was -- you could still see. i didn't see that much.

>> but what you saw --

>> from what i saw, there was something there.

>> okay. thank you for that explanation.

>> i had to know.

>> two questions, deandre cole this week maybe?

>> not this week because we have already written toward this week and we didn't write that one but it's coming up soon.

>> could you write me in one? i'd love to do one.

>> right across the street. it will be easy.

>> deandre. i love him so much.

>> what up with that.

>> what up with that.

>> the perm already. look at that.

>> i can't wait for this.

>> it was like my hair right now.

>> keenan the other one.

>> that's the sam jackson one.

>> the other one we're hoping to see is the impersonation of this one.

>> yeah, absolutely. look at him. there he is right there. there he is.

>> and roll it.

>> well, let's take a look at the gulf coast region where we have several thunderstorms. other than that it's a gorgeous day for the plains and the sunbelt. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.

>> that was pretty good.

>> you know what, you don't talk like that by the way. i'm sorry.

>> no but all of a sudden i have street cred with my kids.

>> now, you kids go to bed.

>> i'm going to send you home.

>> i thought it was a pretty good impersonation. i like that a lot.

>> it's such an exaggeration but it's all in good fun.

>> that's only half the joke, too. then it gets hardcore.

>> rugged and roker.

>> absolutely.

>> it gets rugged.