TODAY   |  September 27, 2013

‘Dumb and Dumber’ sequel and other Hollywood news

Arienne Thompson, entertainment writer for USA Today, dishes the latest Hollywood scoop, including images of Jeff Daniels in character for “Dumb and Dumber To,” the sequel to the comedy hit he made with Jim Carrey in 1994.

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>>> back now with your ticket to hollywood and we're talking celebrity tweets, sneak peeks, and photos of the week.

>> from jim carrey to sandra bullock and robert de niro , everything you need to know .

>> erin, good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> let's start with star power . news about the late james gandolfini and who will replace him on the show.

>> right. he passed away this summer but before he died he was working on a new show called criminal justice about an ambulance chasing lawyer, sort of a high powered drama, a miniseries. and now that he is not with us the show has to go on, though, so robert de niro is going to step in for him. what a replacement. hbo is known for quality programming so i think it's going to be super exciting to see robert de niro in this role.

>> yeah, in a bittersweet note his new movie has gotten rave reviews.

>> it will be interesting to see what honors james gandolfini might get. he might be nominated for an oscar or golden globe or that sort of thing. we saw heath ledger win the oscar after his death. so really sad like you said. you can go see him in theaters now and it makes you think what else could he have done.

>> our photo of the week, sandra bullocks got a big honor in hollywood.

>> she is one of those beloved stars. everyone loves her. she is beautiful. she is nice. she is so talented. so for her to be immortalized is so exciting and famous friends came out to support her. chelsea handler and ovtavia spencer. but little louis with in his coat and converse.

>> the movie coming out is "gravity" and she'll be here on today.

>> gravity is going to be huge. can't wait for that.

>> now, al, you and paula patton had a moment. there was a twerk.

>> it was more than a twerk. we're engaged.

>> oh, wow.

>> she dropped it like it was hot. i think we've got video right here.

>> al you're going to be disappointed. your engage t might be over.

>> oh, wow.

>> look at al's face.

>> al is staring off into the distance.

>> trying to keep it together.

>> looking away.

>> al, she is taken. i'm sorry.

>> i know. is she still with robin?

>> she is. unfortunately they are still together. that 20 year relationship, you were not able to break that up. robin thicke flew in from london the other night.

>> because he heard about it.

>> he came in to save his marriage. he flew in to support her at the premiere of her new movie baggage claim.

>> i can't wait to see that. there was a shirtless scene with you that got cut from the movie and he replaced you which i think is a mistake.

>> they'll learn. they'll be sorry.

>> they will.

>> speaking of, i mean, the movie that a lot of us grew up loving. jim carrey and jeff daniels tweeting out pictures of their sequel dumb and dumber 2.

>> dumb and dumber turns 20 next year.

>> no, way.

>> oh my gosh.

>> they love great.

>> wow.

>> they look exactly the same. so they both tweeted from the set. they're both very, very excited about this movie. it had some starts and stops in production. at one point it was off and now it's back on. very exciting.

>> can't wait to see it. thank you so much.

>> thank you.