TODAY   |  September 27, 2013

TODAY’s Take: Kanye and Kimmel have ‘rap feud’

TODAY’s Willie Geist, Al Roker and guest co-host Mel B talk about the buzziest topics of the day, including a Twitter feud that broke out between Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West after West didn’t take kindly to a Kimmel speech spoofing him.

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>> welcome to today on this friday morning. september 27th , 2013 . i'm willie geist along with al roker and america's got talent judge, spice girl , our good friend, part of the family, mel b .

>> oh, thank you for saying that.

>> it's been nice having you here.

>> i've had a lovely week with you two and natalie.

>> let's go out big today. let's do something crazy.

>> with a bang.

>> let's get thrown off tv.

>> i don't want to do that.

>> and when i say we, i mean you. did you see this kanye stuff?

>> i heard about it.

>> okay. i'm so torn because i love kanye and his music but when he does stuff like this.

>> he's a bit egotistical we know that.

>> is it a surprise.

>> no. he said rap is the new rock and roll and i'm the number one rock star on the planet.

>> he can say that because he's very talented. he is.

>> but if we're saying that he's not the number one, jay-z is.

>> well, that's kind of up there.

>> we can argue about this later. now kanye is in a fight with jimmy kimmel because kimmel did a parody of the interview.

>> i'm not trying to regurgitate myself. i'm a proud person. architecture, everything you can think about. and they say no. how many have you done seen -- where's the culture at? where is the culture at.

>> that was taken from the transcript.

>> that was verbatim.

>> it was a joke.

>> kimmel did it and kanye didn't like it.

>> what a shock.

>> he tweeted several messages and jimmy kimmel read them on the air last night.

>> he called me. he said a lot of things. he told me -- he told me i had two choices, number one apologize publicly, and that was really the only choice. and then he started tweeting today and i don't know if i have even seen them because they're happening as we speak. jimmy kimmel is out of line to try and spoof the first piece of honest media in years. all right. what else do we have? jimmy kimmel , i don't take it as a joke. you don't have scum bags hopping over fences trying to take pictures of your daughter. i don't even know what that refers to. did i do a spoof about your face. or you and ben afleck , that was a spoof. #no disrespect to ben afleck . #all disrespect to jimmy kimmel .

>> i don't know why he is angry. but finally i'm in a rap feud.

>> there you go. somebody needs to take his iphone away. they really do.

>> it's kind of funny.

>> it is.

>> that ego.

>> jimmy is not upset.

>> it's the whole situation.

>> he is kind of putting it out there for all to see.

>> well, so is kanye by tweeting him.

>> but who looked like a dope?

>> my favorite part of the bbc interview, in that interview he tells the interviewer i went six years ago with the idea for leather jogging pants and he said no they're everywhere.

>> no they're not.

>> are you saying you don't own leather jogging pants?

>> did you see that episode of friends with the leather pants? you don't want to have sweat and jogging pants.

>> why are you even going there so early?

>> because i want to explain why it's a stupid idea.

>> it goes without saying it's a stupid idea.

>> but kanye is embracing it.

>> but not jogging.

>> not jogging, yeah, you're right. i will agree with you there.

>> kanye , he's the gift that keeps giving.

>> i love your music. let's pull it in a little bit.

>> i don't think that's going to happen. kanye , we want you to let it go.

>> i love him. i love his music.

>> but this is part of him. so let kanye be kanye . look at that look. it's like, hey. i'm going to get on twitter. it's going to be good.

>> oh. don't get on twitter.

>> 50% of employees go to work when they're sick. 30% of those sick workers said they do so because they're too important to their business to stay home.

>> kanye was one of them.

>> kanye was one of them. i go to work sick because i don't want to screw anybody else. there's days i don't want to be here.

>> you don't want anybody else to have to do your job.

>> get up early.

>> but given our hours somebody is going to get a call at 2:00 in the morning, you have to come into work.

>> yeah but on the flip side , if you're contagious would you still come in.

>> yes, i will.

>> see, i think that's wrong.

>> wrong.

>> i think that's wrong. that's so wrong. if loving you is wrong, i don't want to be right.

>> if i'm bedridden sick i won't come in. you don't come in?

>> if i've got like stuff going on, i don't want to come in because i don't want other people getting sick.

>> see, now that's the right way to approach it.

>> is that the right answer.

>> you're wrong.

>> think about when you have been at work or on a plane and some guy is like -- and you're like for the love of pete.

>> that's true.

>> get out.

>> i guess i'm so committed to the shareholders at comcast.

>> stop it.

>> comcast, that i want to be here for steve burke . i want to be here for deborah. i want to be here for our bosses.

>> drop more names.

>> i want to create shareholder value by being here and i'm committed to the company.

>> i want to drop you like a bag of dirt. that's what i want to do.

>> let's do the weather.

>> man.

>> that was a good one.

>> that was shameless.

>> shameless plug.

>> shameless.

>> you forgot don nash .

>> obviously.

>> gosh.

>> and tammie.

>> and tammie.