TODAY   |  September 27, 2013

Photobomb Friday! Carson shows off viewer pics

Carson Daly helps celebrate the end of the work week by showing off some funny photobombs we’ve seen around Studio1A and sent in by TODAY viewers.

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>> mentioned today is photo bomb friday and carson you have been having a time.

>> that's true. i have a couple and went out to the plaza there. i have amazing photo bomb shots. there's me photo bombing. it's the idea of it. hey, what's going on. let's go through some we're sending to the orange room this morning. today's viewer cheryl sent us one.

>> the baby.

>> the baby photo bomb there. that's the cow getting in on the action.

>> what is that?

>> thank you for sending that one.

>> and ann sent a family photo in with a little surprise in the background there. there's a bunch of them on the site. go and cruise through them.

>> before the internet there was no name for what this was.

>> and before the digital age you'd have to go to the kodak store and pick period your pictures and then you'd realize.

>> yeah.

>> remember film?

>> remember cave drawings? remember those days? that was fantastic?

>> okay. okay.

>> all right. that is what