TODAY   |  September 27, 2013

Martha Stewart: I was kidding about Apple on Twitter

Domestic diva Martha Stewart dropped her iPad Thursday and took to Twitter to express her discontent over the shattered screen. Martha tells TODAY she was just joking about having Apple come and pick up her broken device and says she can’t live without her Apple products.

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>> twitter, martha and her broken ipad. of course martha was with us here on thursday. apparently she got busy after she left. she got into an exchange of words with am over her shattered ipad. she tweeted what to do? does one call apple to come and pick it up or do i take it? then she continued i'm still waiting for an apple rep to come pick up my ipad. no action, yey.

>> how does this shake out? apple wasn't pleased with her tweets because she later tweeted i cannot believe that apple public relations is mad at me for tweeting about my ipad and how to get it fixed. steve jobs gave it to me.

>> only one thing to do right now, and that's call martha . martha , are you there?

>> hi.

>> what's this all about? well, it's using twitter. it's actually all about twitter and what kind of responses twit twitter gets. it has been my favorite mode of communication with the world for a long time. when i dropped my ipad i was so mad at myself for breaking something that i cannot live without, i love my ipad? don't you all love your ipad?

>> yes.

>> i mean, i'm addicted.

>> are you trying to get a free ipad?

>> no, it was a gift from steve jobs and i have the little note that came with it because he knew i was an early adopter of all kinds of technology. so i was just making a joke, will apple come and pick it up?

>> they don't really do that?

>> well, i was just joking. of course i know that. i've been in apple stores. but anyway, i was just joking and twitter is very, very interesting because there's people that love it when you joke and there's people that take you seriously and don't have a clue. so it's been going on and on and on and it's actually very fun.

>> martha , you tweeted martha that apple public relations is mad at me.

>> no, my staff -- oh, my staff was very upset with me because we have such a great relationship with apple and we were the first lifestyle magazine to do an apple app for the magazine and we have had a fantastic working relationship -- again, they're like you -- they think i'm having a feud with apple .

>> so everything is okay, martha .

>> well, no, my ipad is broke.

>> okay.

>> and she would not mind a replacement. am i right?

>> i think i need to get a replacement.

>> all right.

>> but when you break something like that it gets confusing because --

>> you don't know what to do.

>> no, because all your information is in it.

>> right.

>> you got to back it up; all your movies. all your mail.

>> everything is in the cloud now.

>> get the cloud. whatever the cloud is.

>> got to back that thing up, martha .

>> we got to get martha an it person.

>> all i can say is i love my ipad. i love my iphone.