TODAY   |  September 27, 2013

Carson and Kenan surprise 'SNL' fans in line

TODAY’s Carson Daly and “Saturday Night Live” star Kenan Thompson surprised some excited fans waiting in line to get tickets for the first show of the comedy’s 39th season.

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>>> carson has company with him in the yellow -- orange room .

>> is there not enough orange for you savannah. kenan thompson , snl back tomorrow night. thank you for getting in the photo bomb here. #photobomb, you can send them in. there's a line outside.

>> for my show.

>> for your show. are you excited to get the show back on?

>> very excited, man. summertime has been nice but it's nice to be back doing the action.

>> do things happen in summer where you're like i wish we were on this saturday night so we could talk about this.

>> like what.

>> all the time. i wish i could remember one that was perfect.

>> like the miley cyrus twerking thing.

>> exactly i could have been her wrap producer guy and we could have blown that upright when it blew up but now we have to wait.

>> you obviously had a big turnover. isn't it exciting to bring new blood in is.

>> it's always very exciting.

>> i can't hear you. i can't hear you.

>> keenan thompson everybody.

>> good morning. how are you? yeah.

>> how many people are there now.

>> listen to my voice. that's cool. they hired five guys and one lady.

>> that's fantastic.

>> like a music video .

>> this is like a good fellows tracking shot here walking. have you ever waited in line for anything like this?

>> no i've never slept outside but this is crazy good.

>> look guys, kenan thompson everybody. hey.

>> were you putting on make up.

>> yes, we were.

>> any questions.

>> i have questions. did you guys really sleep out here.

>> yeah.

>> that's unbelievable. i shouldn't be using this.

>> where are you from?

>> we go to school here.

>> you don't have parents? this is okay with everybody in your family? there's not a father somewhere watching you guys.

>> i think that's him right there.

>> how was last night?

>> good. it was okay.

>> all right. well, enjoy the show guys. appreciate it.

>> good to see you.

>> thank you.

>> all the best.

>> let's go back inside.

>> let's do that.

>> i love that walking shot. we're walking. we're walking.

>> tina fey .

>> just a couple of more