TODAY   |  September 27, 2013

Speak with a bank teller? There’s a fee for that

Some bank fees, like getting charged at another bank’s ATM, are old news, but some banks are now implementing dozens of new non-standard fees, including one for speaking to a human representative. CNBC’s Kayla Tausche reports.

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>>> to see you.

>> good to see you guys. i love the new set in here. some bank fees are charging to use another bank's atm or overdraw your account but now dozens of not so standard fees are starting to pop up leaving customers how expensive it has become to give someone else their money.

>> reporter: joe thought he found the holy grail .

>> i did some bank shopping and i found the pnc virtual wallet. there's no fees at all.

>> reporter: the 25-year-old realtor earns money on commission meaning irregular deposits and unpredictable balance. when that lead to extra fees he made the switch. hi account won't be that way for long. they're adding a $7 charge unless he maintains a certain balance, uses direct deposit or never talks to a teller. human interaction now comes with a twice. for some banks it's the human interaction that will cost you and for other it's the digital. they pay for a mobile check deposit.

>> any time they send you a new notice or fee structure with your monthly statement it's important to read that over because chances are something is changing.

>> at wells fargo , even getting a paper statement in your mailbox comes at a cost. wallet hub estimated in all an average checking account these days have as many as 30 fees built in. banks will make as many as $41 billion in customer fees this year.

>> there's extra fees that keep popping up and are a risk for all of us.

>> they're trying out the fees to see if customers will accept them.

>> banks say they will. regions bank says the response to it's mobile deposits indicate customers see and appreciate it's value. u.s. bank says cost is for convenience and is clearly displayed.

>> wells fargo says customers can get a discount for choosing online statements. pnc says the vast majority of it's virtual wallet customers will pay no additional fees. many like joe will be out of luck.

>> they kind of need to think about their customers' needs a little more.

>> the main way to avoid bank fees is signing up for direct deposit .

>> i'm getting over the fact that you have to pay to talk to a teller. what's another way to avoid the fees?

>> shop around. you can choose a local credit union . often times they're free. also consider doing more business at your existing bank. often times if you have a mortgage and credit card and checking account with one bank, the checking account is free and finally the old fashioned way. call and complain. 44% of people that do this have found success. the highest success is for overdraft fees. sometimes you should let them know how you feel.

>> it's amazing how clever they are. between the airlines and the banks it's a fee charging convention.

>> it's good to know squeaky wheels get attention.

>> everything there's not a law against they'll charge you for.