TODAY   |  September 27, 2013

UN report blames humans for global warming

More than 200 scientists on an international panel say humans are to blame for rising air and ocean temperatures and they believe sea levels could keep rising. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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>> humans are to blame for at least half of global warming in the past 60 years. that comes from a landmark united nations report published today. nbc's ann thompson is here with the details. good morning.

>> good morning. in it's strongest lang wang yet this international panel of scientists found it is extremely likely, in fact they're 95% certain that human is why the earth has warmed since 1950 . the panel finds that the air in the oceans warmed and snow and ice have diminished, sea levels are up as are the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. the report by more than 200 scientists predicts that sea levels could rise as much as 32 inches by the end of the century and they say it is virtually certain we'll see more hot temperature extremes and fewer cold ones and it's likely that heat waves will be more frequent and longer. they also predict arctic sea ice will continue to shrink and even if co 2 emissions are stopped today these impacts will persist for centuries, tamron.