TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Kids won’t eat their veggies? Blend them with cocoa

Along with her son Jonah, Jenny Levison, aka “Souper Jenny,” blends up a kale, spinach and cocoa juice that kids will love, as well as a healthy citrus and echinacea beverage to boost your immunity.

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>>> in today's kitchen, what's coming? nothing. because we're just juicing.

>> it seems everyone is blending up juices. this is a great way for your kids to work off the good stuff in the diet.

>> jenny levinson is here to show us how it's done and she brought her super jonah .

>> hi, super jonah . what a cute kid.

>> he's thrilled.

>> do you like these juices, jonah ?

>> yeah.

>> you like how they taste?

>> he's so enthusiastic. everyone is getting to the blending and juicing craze. this is a healthier way to do it. jonah , will you start by putting the bananas and the coconut in there? this is a green smoothie. this is kale and spinach. frozen banana , then we're going to add our super power ingredients. so we have got flaxseed, hemp seed , a chocolate protein powder which is vegan. and cocoa dark chocolate . we add that to it. kathie lee , do the almond milk .

>> how many cubes in there? two or three.

>> you've got a frozen banana , so it'll be cold.

>> the greens are the healthiest part. then we're going to zhuszh it up a little. then you mix it up.

>> i think we should have jonah taste.

>> here you go, jonah .

>> he's so excited about it. go for it. have a taste.

>> it tastes good.

>> pretty good?

>> you could put a little splenda in that could you?

>> the stevia.

>> the next thing i'll do -- i won't make you taste this, jonah . these are the super green juices when you start getting into the juicing. cucumber, celery. people are putting too much of apples and fruits in there. look how easy in these juicers. it makes these beautiful juice.

>> and that's just cucumber.

>> yeah. we're going to mix them all together. take that.

>> you want to try it again, jonah ? no.

>> he'd rather drop dead than blame that.

>> i don't blame you. i don't want to either.

>> this is super strong, i know what you're talking about. but you can add herbal elixirs in that. or vodka.

>> there you go.

>> i like to add things like tumerig. we call this the menopause juice.

>> e the last one i think you'll like better. this is with the sis trus. instant immunity. orange, grapefruit, lemon. you're like get me out of here. get me to