TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Peter Krause on dating his (on-screen) sister

The actor discusses the emotional roller coaster his character faces on the TV drama “Parenthood,” including dealing with a son with Asperger’s. He also talks about his relationship with costar Lauren Graham, who plays his sister on the show but is his girlfriend in real life.

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>> better eggs. actor director and producer peter krause has been on the small screen with several roles in highly acclaimed shows like "six feet under."

>> audiences have fallen in love with his character, adam braverman on "parenthood." as a father of three kids including one with asperger's syndrome.

>> hank told me to take 10,000 pictures.

>> what do you mean?

>> when did you see hank?

>> i saw him yesterday. i walked to his shop.

>> you walked by yourself to his shop?

>> yeah. he's in my radius. it's in my radius, so i'm allowed.

>> how long were you there?

>> i got there at 12:36 and left at 2:17.

>> you were there for two hours?

>> no 1 hour and 41 minutes.

>> okay.

>> to be precise.

>> exactly.

>> at least he wasn't late.

>> i'm sorry about that. i got caught in traffic.

>> we've heard that one before.

>> it's nice to see you again.

>> nice to see you too.

>> congrats on the success of the show. this is one that people weren't 100% sure kwhawhat was going to happen with this.

>> people are loving it. writing is great. acting. wasn't originally getting the numbers you wanted.

>> we had a devoted yet smaller audience than with epted. we've kept our audience.

>> they let the networks know if shows are in danger. they really threaten.

>> you have that crazy following threatening.

>> that's great.

>> i hope so.

>> that i only to understand is a good sign.

>> it's is a very good sign. network presidents like to experiment to see what will work. bob thankfully has chosen "parenthood" as something he wants to stick by.

>> why do you think it hit the sweet spot with a lot of people.

>> i think it's relatable. people realized if they didn't watch parenthood, their own relationships were probably going to be doomed.

>> so there was incentive.

>> put the fear of god in them.

>> that works. i knew it was going to be excellent when i knew ron howard was involved as one of the producers.

>> this is loosely based on the film with the same name with steve martin . back in the late '80s.

>> when hoda was born.

>> your real life girlfriend plays your sister.

>> that is just sick.

>> wowsa krause.

>> we keep things separate. come on.

>> do you ever get confused?

>> i hope mom and dad don't come in.

>> that is sick. that's really sick.

>> trying to keep things spicy at home. make sure the door's locked, sis.

>> come on. you got to tease about it some time.

>> i know.

>> how long have you guys been going out?

>> they stay home, it sounds like.

>> i think coming up on four years.

>> oh, wow. is there any sibling rivalry between you?

>> not at all.

>> this line of questioning is never going away. never, ever.

>> do you look alike?

>> you're sick.

>> do you make sandwiches -- does she make sandwiches for you?

>> no.

>> peter, thank you. we wish you good luck. we really do.

>> great pleasure. i think you've hit your stride now.