TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

How can parents make themselves the priority?

Life coaches Valorie Burton, Gabrielle Bernstein and Stefanie Ziev answer questions to help viewers make sense of life’s challenges, from dating to a reinvigorated sense of purpose once the kids are grown up.

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>> back into the dating game or coping with an empty net thinking now what? we put together a panel of life coaches to give you advice.

>> gabrielle bernstein is the author of may cause miracles. stephanie is a former television executive turned life coach. i saw her in a bar last night.

>> that's another story.

>> can you find that one?

>> good morning, ladies, good to see you.

>> first up, we got dawn with a question about dating. [ music playing ]

>> i'm a 41-year-old woman who is single for the first time in my adult life and entering the dating scene. how can i make sure i don't repeat the same mistakes i have made in the past.

>> all right.

>> what do you think?

>> well, first of all, she has to get clear of what were the mistakes, i suggest she make a list, these are the ones i will not make again, also to know, she is 41 now, she hasn't been dating for 20 or so years, it's a completely different ball game . people tend to come with a little more baggage. she needs to make sure she is ready. if she hasn't done counseling, she might consider that to make sure she appeals.

>> do you know what you want in a partner?

>> i was going to say, she should make a list of what she does want and assess where they are at. see if he is up to par.

>> let's take a look at the next one. a subject a lot of people can relate to. empty nesting.

>> i am the mother of three young adults . i have devoted most all my time to my. while this has been wonderful and rewarding, i feel as though i've lost myself somewhere along the way . how can i go into reshape my life?

>> this is a very common problem people have.

>> very xhovenlt and the reshaping starts with prioritizing. it really becomes how does she become her own priority? how does she start to give herself some time for herself? one thing is to create an hour a day to focus and devote to herself in a way that is fun. maybe it's something she wanted to do a long time ago. maybe it's crazy. taking one action on that thing and moving forward will help her to discover her lost self.

>> valerie, you can reconnect, too. you were so busy with investing in your kids' lives.

>> this is an exciting time for her. i think it's important to say what are all the things i wanted to do but couldn't do within i had kids? i know she is mourning not being a mom anymore. but she needs to look forward.

>> up next, a career question from between-year-old amica.

>> i want to get over my limiting fears and take action in my business. how do i take the next step?

>> all right. so, what do you think?

>> well, you know, when it comes to launching your business, it's so important, i think, to make sure you have a really clear vision of what it is that you are going. i think that's her first step.

>> i completely agree, she has to get clear of what it is she wants to release, become mindful of those fears, she wants to be willing to let them go and pay attention to the guidance along the way. weep ko watching coach me if you can.

>> thank you, ladies, good talking to you.

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