TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

TODAY’s Take: Turning tables, Bill Clinton imitates Bono

Guest co-host Mel B joins TODAY’s Willie Geist, Al Roker and Natalie Morales to talk about the buzziest topics of the day. On the agenda: Bill Clinton replying to Bono’s imitation of him by doing his own impression of the iconic rock star.

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>> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, september 26th , 2013 . our guests all week long "america's got talent" spice girl mel b. mel b is killing a jumper this morning.

>> can we see the whole thing?

>> this is fashion right now. very on trend. we love it. looks good on it.

>> we have to do a bit naughty with the red vibes.

>> naughty .

>> we love when you bring the naughty .

>> they are spikes. watch it.

>> my gosh.

>> you saw that movie.

>> you are terrifying. terrifying. we love it.

>> why don't you get mel b to do our themes.

>> we were saying the new theme by mel b .

>> i would do that in a heartboat.

>> that would be the end of it. hey.

>> yesterday we played bono's impersonation of bill clinton .

>> yeah.

>> in case you missed it. bono doing bill.

>> when i first met bono, he walked into the oval office and actually i thought it was a member of his own road crew . he wasn't really dressed right. actually, i felt like the rockstar on that occasion. i.

>> i must be really easy to make fun of there so bill clinton had to get his. so last night, he was on cnn. he did his impersonation of bono.

>> take a look.

>> well, i'm irish, you know and we irish, we can imitate anybody. but the way i see it, i have been singing so long and loud at these concerts, that i'm hoarse, so i have to be careful of my voice. that's why all the charities only have three letter names.

>> the shades. the bono shades.

>> the mannerisms down.

>> do you really know what bono sounds like?

>> irish. irish.

>> bono.

>> yeah.

>> can we talk about bono sunglasses the shades, those.

>> he always wears them.

>> those particular shades.

>> we node to update his shades.

>> i like them. that's his look, come on.

>> right there. we can do better.

>> it locks like he's about to go to woodshop.

>> that's what it is.

>> hey, bono, can you make me a birdhouse? it's a nice collection.

>> you put your things on it. protective eye wear .

>> i love.

>> you can't mess with bono.

>> he needs nothing. nothing.

>> he's got a skilled drill. he's ready to go.

>> don't make fun of the --

>> fantastic.

>> put bono in that jumpsuit.

>> all right. now here's the story that i have to confess, i don't quite understand. this is wal-mart has pulled a costume, a halloween costume .

>> for kids, for todd lers. i think it's just because of the name. a small -- naughty leopard . for your 2t toddler.

>> it doesn't look like a leopard .

>> that's the real story . that's no leopard .

>> it doesn't look inappropriate. it's no crop top .

>> it's the name naughty help leopard .

>> it's neither naughty or leopard .

>> no.

>> the control room is saying there is something in the ruffles that looks like a ruffles.

>> the socks maybe?

>> little spots up top.

>> around the neck the pink.

>> you can see the spots.

>> ballerina leopard .

>> a bad costume.

>> they pulled it in the thing is, it's no longer available.

>> thank goodness.

>> they've pulled it off the shelf. you you can still order it online under a different name.

>> stupid costumes.

>> it's not really leopard .

>> wal-mart said said it's never our intention to offend anyone.

>> who was offended?

>> they apologized if people were offended.

>> is there any intention to offend anyone?

>> we want to tick you off. that's how solid we are about our product.

>> that was cracking me up. like.

>> that's all.

>> if are you offend by that costume, you really should find bigger things.

>> get a life.

>> you couldn't wear that costume for this next story.

>> that's exactly right. the king of segues.

>> there is a place in the u.k. that banned visitors. this can't be real again.

>> everything that is crazy comes out of the u.k..

>> banned visitors from wearing animal prints because it confuses the animals.

>> but if we offended any of the animals, we apologize.

>> look how confused the giraffe is.

>> are you a leopard ? i don't know.

>> it's a prep leopard print.

>> maybe it would confuse the animals. if they look confused when you are dressed in leopard .

>> here's the thing, the animals, they have noticed the animals have tried to communicate with those prints. i don't know how.

>> oh.

>> now i'm really confusing everyone.

>> on the other side of that wall. i just saw natalie go by.

>> the naughty leopard .

>> i do love leopard prints.

>> it will never go out of fashion. never, ever, ever.

>> the zoo has brought in bouncers to enforce the ban.

>> it's a leopard print, get her out of here.

>> look at those pythons you got there.

>> al!

>> sorry.

>> wow.

>> the confusion of the animals, oh, he locks confused.

>> there is a cheetah going, what the heck was that? i don't know.

>> i give the animals more credit than the zoo gives them. i don't think they're so dumb, they think someone in a coat is a cheetah.

>> i think an animal maybe is ingrashiateing himself.

>> ingraciating, wow.

>> you have gone a long way on that.

>> the next segment elaborates that. there was a fox reporter, fox 40 reporter.

>> that's another animal.

>> in sacramento.

>> a fox reporter.

>> she was at the local zoo rorkt not wearing prints, though, she did have an awkward moment with a baboon named nikki . take a look.

>> i am joined right now by nikki the baboon. he is trying to cop a feel a little bit. we're going to be talking a bit about the festival happening this weekend starting today. we will learn more, baboons actually love grapes.

>> i love the smile.

>> the best part you couldn't see, nikki 's pals are going, yeah! .

>> didn't even remove that hand. he left the hand will.

>> nikki kind of covered it.

>> look at the smile.

>> hello, i got some eh! that's food!

>> 2nd base.

>> she liked it.

>> oh my god.

>> they're dating now.

>> wow.

>> it's fantastic. is there such as a respectful grow. it was respectful. look at him. he just loved it.

>> didn't they train him to do that?

>> he can figure that out on his own. no confusion there. she could have had a baboon suit on it.

>> she rolled with it, too. she kept going.

>> impressive, well done.

>> that's what happens at the lodi grape festival. some of those grapes were a little too fermented. baboon got into the grape juice .

>> what a strange block of television.