TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Bundle up! Nest fall coats for the entire family

Autumn is in the air and the temperature is turning cooler. If you’re on the hunt for jackets for your family, style expert Jenn Falik shares her choices from the perfect puffer jackets to kids’ motos.

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>> this morning on new season new you, a whole family.

>> apparently those big michelin man puppy things are out of style. the must-have trends for moms and kids, god to see you.

>> good see you.

>> let's launch in these, we want to begin with modern military the wright family.

>> these are basics from the closet. you can afternoon up the look with a coat. modern military huge trend will start with mom over here. they have a versatile on trend style. i love this wool merino. more of a cargo style. on the kids from macy's, the bedazzle. and then how cute is this?

>> adorable!

>> yeah!

>> so adorable. this is one really easy trend to pull off for men, for women. you can make it feminine with beading, pins, it can be masculine.

>> all the coats, 130 or less. is that right?

>> they're affordable. totally change up a lot there that is a beautiful family. you guys are looking great. let's go to our next look. those are moto jackets.

>> motorcycle jackets . you see on the back of a bike. you can be wearing this to work, school. kia is wearing this co ballot blue.

>> a nice color.

>> i love that color. it's amazing on her. this is from burlington, $40, a tweed with a sheering in it. a fun little code, more traditional with a leather look on ariel. i love the leopard.

>> i do.

>> yes.

>> a little black dress , it gives it an edge, a really great fit.

>> you like those, mel?

>> i do, yes, a really good look. all of them.

>> i want to take the blue one off her bark i love it.

>> you ladies look great, thank you so much.

>> let's go on to our next look. this is the perfect popper. this is the capezi family.

>> i thought the michelin look wasn't in.

>> these are more fitted. the technology is so they don't have to be so gigantic.

>> look how happy they are. can you doled in these. this is great. the one we have on gina is from lamb's end, it's a fitted jacket around $99. it's easy to pack. we see on dad, from the gap it's around $70. it has the style of the shirt. it keeps you warm. great technology if it will keep you feeling like you are not looking like you are in a puffer co. i love this one.

>> oh, that's great.

>> it ties the whole family together. it's a fun family block. you got the hood the color blocking a great trend, their jeans, boots, easy. a fun colorful puffy coat. they were good to go.

>> how can they have a future in modeling.

>> look at that. incredible. we'll write you a note. let's bring out our models for one last look. thank you all, you look great. these are the locks for fall. thanks, to all of you, too. we are back in a moment. this is "today"