TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Spruce up the garden with Martha Stewart’s fall tips

Martha Stewart shows you how to keep your garden looking beautiful through the fall. Here, she shares her tips, including using gourds and other seasonal plants.

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>> this morning on "today" temperatures are dropping, it's a food time the take care of your yard and do a little planting. martha stewart is here with ideas to spruce up, prudence, plant, from the october issue of " martha stewart living ."

>> the leaves are changing, they're falling off the trees.

>> it's perfect.

>> there are lots of hints and tips, a big drop cloth, can you pick it up easily, put it into the composite.

>> this is great.

>> it's light weight, so you can fill that and drag it over to the compost.

>> simple good will. use the rake.

>> that is very good for weeds. it aerates the grass and picks up the leaves at the right time. pruneing, it's time to prune your boxwood, your shrubs. these are great long-handled prunersch sharp. you can snip off.

>> how do you know you haven't pruned too much?

>> it looks ugly. within it gets down to the stub, you have gone too far.

>> i take off the protrudeing growth and not using the sheers.

>> but when you have a plant like this, it's got flowers that are way past their prime, what do do you with those?

>> take out your handy sheer, check this off. this is a perrenial. it will come back next year. make sure that goes into the compost, too. you will make a much nicer looking plant. i should get a couple of these off. it guess very quickly. pruneing is so much funnel.

>> you put up with that lock, it will pay dividends in the spring.

>> you bet. this is another boxwood that you can make this into a nicer looking shrub by careful pruneing.

>> you see, i like this look than when they get all leggy.

>> leggy doesn't look so good.

>> help me plant the bulbs, what are the rules?

>> i did an article, usually you use a bulb planter. you dig little holes everywhere in your grass or garden. it's so time consumeing and exhausting. i dig out a whole area or find a hollow in the ground.

>> or a trench.

>> and amend the soil, put in bone meal .

>> why bone meal ?

>> lime, it helps the bulbs grow. special first time lizers now for bulbs. once your soil is all amended, then you put this, put your bulbs in the ground.

>> the round side down.

>> the roots down. make sure you find root. so many people put it this way, it makes it hard for the bulbs to go. put them in nicely spaced. then cover the whole garden with soil.

>> you want to do this about how far in advance of the first frost?

>> no, you can do it after the frost.

>> you can?

>> oh, sure. planting bulbs. you can do that up until december. can do it in january.

>> let's get color. talk to me about here? these are planters. there is all kind of the plaernts. pots, beautiful boxes. why not bring the fall color into like your front yard , on your front porch , wherever you want to have a nice planter. so this is called a toutour. they come in different shapes. can you find them in the garden center . this is a fall grass. you can put gourds in there. plant colorful perrenials.

>> that willing will nice. isn't that a pretty color? this is a fois kind of grass. all of that will look very, very nice outside.

>> it's perfect.

>> you can use it on a tabletop. if have you tables on your porch and you want to boutfy it.