TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Woman making 300 sandwiches for fiancé answers critics

After a New York Post article detailed Stephanie Smith’s goal of making 300 sandwiches for her husband-to-be, some online crictics said she was setting back women’s rights. But Smith tells TODAY the project was supposed to be fun and that the sandwich-making is a collaborative effortbetween her and her fiancé.

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>> they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. we have new evidence this morning.

>> they have been dating two years when stephanie made eric a home-made sandwich. it must have been good. he joked, you are 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring .

>> the senior from the new york post, she got cooking, progressing, she decided to make those 300 sandwiches. she wrote about this journey in an article that has drawn a lot of reaction. good to see you.

>> is this real? are you really making sandwiches in pursuit of an engagement ring ?

>> yes, that was the goal, 300 sandwiches, right? what i have learned is the journey is more important. with every sandwich, we learn more about each office. we have fun and made a lot of great meals.

>> you have made 176 sandwiches?

>> you share stories and lessons of the journey. a lot of people have reacted. some is positive. they like those stories.

>> yes.

>> some people said, whoa, this young lady is sending feminism back. she is becoming a stepford wife . she is doing what this guy wants to get a ring. how do you react?

>> first of all, he does most of the cooking in our house. if he wasn't the kind of guy that wasn't worth one sandwich, i wouldn't make 300 sandwiches. first, it was a joke, come on, it's supposed to be light hearted.

>> do you feel you have learned something larger about taking the time, doing something that pleads your meat, pouring your heart into something as simple as a sandwich. some look complicated.

>> i have. i learned the impact of doing one small nice thing for someone else. yet, this is adding up to a lot of small nice things. it really does make a relationship.

>> your sandwich 176. it started with a simple turkey and swiss. some are so -- let get eric in here, come in here. you are the man of the hour. most importantly, do you have a fate of the 176 so far?

>> oh, definitely the prime rib is my absolute favorite.

>> that's this one here.

>> a bagget?

>> okay.

>> do you take suggestions or whatever sandwich comes my way?

>> it's a collaborative process. i leave work, we will go to the grocery store and see what's fresh.

>> here's the real question. are you going to step up to the plate, eric , so to speak, when she gets to sandwich 300, is there going to be a ring in your hand? are you going down on one knee?

>> oh, of course, yes.

>> are you going to actually make her get to 300? don't you think she's demonstrated commitment here with 175.

>> i would have married her with only one sandwich.

>> had you only known that, you would have saved a lot of time and merge.

>> it's fun. by the way, it looks good.

>> precongratulations, you seem determined i think you will get to sandwich 300. stephanie, eric , thank