TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Peter Krause: ‘Parenthood’ has a new tone

The ensemble comedy-drama “Parenthood” is set to begin its fifth season. Actor Peter Krause tells TODAY the show will set a new tone, and talks about how the series’ child actors are growing up on set.

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>> right now, can we bring in carson's cheese buddy one more time? one of the stars of nbc. it's good to see you.

>> it's good to see you.

>> full season pickup. that's a good deal.

>> very happy about it at the border.

>> very nice.

>> it's a nice time , not only are you in the next season, one of the top story lines from last season, chance lor and the family had gone away.

>> yes.

>> i know it's drama, but just to have a heavy story line like that?

>> you were smiling when you said cancer.

>> it is a relief to have that story line . a different tone to the beginning of this season.

>> one thing for parents, it is so real. perhaps, it's a part of the reason it took a while for viewers to sort of catch onto it.

>> yeah, the strength is in its relatability. there is a great believability about the show. if you tune in, you will be tuneing into problems you face in your own relationship or family. if you don't watch your marriage, your relationships with your children are doomed.

>> there is a lot of great actors on the show, you are tv kids, when you are not shooting, do you miss them?

>> i do miss them, our oldest daughter has gone to columbia. she left the show. it's fascinating to see the young talent show up on the show.

>> congratulations. this season premiers tonight on nbc.

>> family night.

>> "parenthood."