TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Throwback! TODAY anchors recall their first cars

In the wake of Volkswagen discontinuing its classic van, the TODAY anchors recalls their first sets of wheels and poke fun at Carson Daly’s first vanity plate: “WHTEICE.”

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>> as we mentioned earlier, volkswagon's decision to discontinue their van has inspired us to feature cars on this throwback thursday. the tweets came in, no pun intend, fast and furious .

>> i'll start with mine, 1990 , white forbe probe. i tinted the windows. somehow my parents let me get a personalized plate white ice. don't tease me about that. what was i thinking? my mom was like, are you a drug dealer ? what are you doing?

>> no, i'm a golfer, i don't know what i'm thinking.

>> is it a play on vanilla ice ?

>> it's embarrassing.

>> first of all, 1990 , you are killing us.

>> mine was a 1964 volkswagon beetle . it was cool, i bought it for $250. i drove it two years sold it for $150.

>> could you see the road, did it go right through?

>> a flintstone car.

>> mine was a used 1984 mazda glc , within i was a senior in high school , 1989 , i had on my plate, it said cheese loverment no, i could have.

>> that's impressive.

>> i had a 1982 blue toyota tercel with no power steering .

>> oh.

>> it was horrible. yeah.

>> al.

>> i had a '63 black dodge dart with a push button automatic transmission.

>> oh, who you.

>> i had got fourteen my next door neighbor. i mowed his lawn. he gave it to me.

>> that's nice.

>> he gave me a car. he said, it was on blocks in the driveway. he said, you and your dad can start the dart, you can have it.

>> well done.

>> that's what's trending today and