TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Prince Charles: My sons inherited my dance skills

In an interview with the Australia publication Women’s Weekly, Prince Charles jokes that he passed on his dance moves to sons William and Harry, who have been known to shake it up during some of their international trips and charity events.

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>>> trending on "," the royals may be glamorous, privileged. they are like us in one way, they also like to get up and dance, look no further than chris williams and kate and who could forget prince harry busting a move, if you can call it that. you know who we have to thank, apparently for these moves. in a new interview, prince charles says he son has inherited his ability to bust a move . charles may be right, princess don't na, though, was no slouch either, who could forget her dance moves , back in 1985 .

>> who could forget charles' dance hands? that's a move, all