TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Soon you’ll be able to say goodbye to passwords

Researchers at Purdue University say they have seen the future of Internet and technology security, and it’s biometrics: identification by human traits. Soon you may not have to remember dozens of passwords; instead, retinal scanners, fingerprint scanners and even voice recognition could be the next step forward. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>> challenge. can you remember all your passwords, facebook, online banking , your insurance, no way, right?

>> how hard can it be to remember 1, 2, 3, 4?

>> pass words. if you have a more clever password, it's hard to remember all them. we met a guy who could make eight lot easier.

>> folks are you like me?

>> how are you supposed to remember passwords for 50 million things?

>> can you remember all your passwords?

>> i hate them.

>> reporter: credit cards, health care plans, social media , online shopping , heck you need one to debt a latte on your coffee card and remembering them, impossible.

>> spasword, password, pass word .

>> pain in the butt.

>> reporter: those are forced to dial 1-800 numbers and pray. wait, could the brains in the basement at purdue university have discovered the cure for the password play?

>> biometrics is the next step ford.

>> reporter: they think we all carry our own passwords with us. the retina in each eyeball is unique, retinal scans are already used in several countries as identification. could i put on some fancy contact lens and pretend i'm not somebody else?

>> no, it's clever than. that it will fix that out.

>> my voice is my pass povrmt this smartphone is recognizeing my voice, so i won't need a password. palm and fingerprints the latest version of the iphone uses fingerprint recognition and at this indiana kfc, staffers use their prints when logging on to cash registers.

>> it eliminates the risk of anybody finding out their passwords.

>> will i be able to do this to pay for my dinner at the restaurant.

>> you can use your arms, face, fingerprints.

>> reporter: that's better than my grandmother's maiden name ?

>> yes.

>> reporter: what's next, dna? until then, well, time for a new password. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, west lafayette , indiana.

>> do you think kevin tickets is excited about this idea?

>> it's great t. future, get here now.

>> exactly. you have as to make them so complicated now. it can't just be your middle name . they make it harder to remember.

>> right here at nbc, we have to change it every week.

>> do have you that password keeper app? you put all your passwords in. i did. it's terrible, it's not working well.