TODAY   |  September 26, 2013

Team USA wins America’s Cup in amazing comeback

In one of the greatest comebacks in recent sports history, Oracle Team USA beat New Zealand after being down 8-1 races. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> celebrating america 's cup sailing race after facing seemingly insurmountable odds. mike, ghorm to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. how are you? in terms of the comebacks, you have to go to the 2004 red sox that dug themselves out of an 0-3 hole. on the way, they reversed the curse of the world series . in this case, larry ellison 's oracle team, steamingly dead in the water , an acintronishing eight straight wins to hold onto the cup. halfway through, the winner take all 19th race, oracle took the load over new zealand and never gave it up, winning by a comfortable 44 seconds.

>> america 's cup will stay in america .

>> vindication for oracle ceo larry ellison the billionaire whose rebate for america 's cup led to these 13 story high airborne gazelles that can fly at 50 miles an hour but are fragile and breath taking and dangerous. julian guthrie's book is a profile of a mag nate and sportsman, given i driven more by the need to win than the desire to publicize his own event or company.

>> his focus was on figuring out a way, healthy, to get this team to be victorious.

>> there were fans excited about the new race fornlths in sight of land.

>> just the other day, they tapped each other, it's like nascar in the water with no breakbrakes.

>> reporter: america 's cups with a rich man's sport. in the same format, still so. still the lines grew as the epic comeback gained steam.

>> i think this regatta, again, it was the most magnificent spectacle i've ever seen on the water.

>> reporter: these racers are a world away from the graceful j boats from the early 20th century , gary johnson , veteran, said it came down to two boats on a windy day trying to be first around the track.

>> i don't think things changed at all.

>> reporter: no change at the top of the sailing world, either. well, after the race, ellison said he heard from one challenger for the next go-around. he expects it to be more challenges. this time, they were only willing and able to to ante up. these things cost a few dollars.

>> 500, mike, thank you, meanwhile, $500 million to meld this effort to retain the cup and to win it and retain it.