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TODAY   |  September 25, 2013

Family foodie: Jamie Deen learns from his mom

Kathie Lee and Hoda dine on decadent desserts with guest cook Jamie Deen. The son of Paula Deen demonstrates a recipe for salted caramel pecan pie with a crunchy pretzel crust from his new book “Jamie Deen’s Good Food.”

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>>> it is time to head in to "today's" kitchen from a true southern cook, jamie deen .

>> his famous mama, paula deen always fixed southern dishes for her family growing up in georgia and today he carries on the tradition.

>> new book called " jamie deen 's good food."

>> good food y'all. look how lucky i am today. who cares about pie?

>> you and blake shelton , and bill hader .

>> we were all in houston a few weeks ago and mama and bobby were in dallas i started coming out with "good food." it's tremendous to -- that's right after i said, mama, that's an ugly cry. i did.

>> of course you did.

>> she's on the mend.

>> she is. mama's fantastic. we've been through so many challenges in our life and, you know, it's just one of those things.

>> you find out who your friends are and who they aren't.

>> quick. we love you guys. thank you for having me.

>> you bet. what are we making today?

>> best pie you've ever eaten out of the best cookbook ever written.

>> sounds pretty good.

>>> salty caramel is good. everybody is doing it. we've been eating pecan pies forever. salty caramel pecan pie with a pretzel crust. start with this much. crumble it up. i have that perfectly crumbled.

>> and i'm ruining it. i'm trying to be helpful.

>> we've got some butter and some sugar and a little bit of flour that's going to bind this together. like my mama.

>> get every bit of it. look, you both have lost some weight.

>> we have. can't do anything about being old but i don't have to be fat. that's what i like about this book. i use it so much with our kids, this is kind of what we eat. it's not healthy -- it's not a diet book but it's healthier. good options for us. let's start with the butter and the corn syrup and all the good stuff.

>> yeah, yeah.

>> press this in here.

>> this is what it looks like, all right.

>> and we've got our filling going. we're going to add a couple of eggs. now, this is a perfect any time of the year, because we just love pec ans.

>> what's in there, chocolate?

>> brown sugar , corn syrup and this has the salt in it. this is where the salty comes from. what we're going to do with this, y'all, you press that out, put it in the oven, precook it for ten minutes. we may never get it done.

>> i'm not -- you have to work on that one.

>> cooks for 15 minutes . you can do this the night before so it can set up. would you like lemon or pecan?

>> i like them both. i'm going to have a little bite of both.

>> pecan pie can be runny. give it time to set up. i just love it. this is one of my favorites. all of the guys here, everybody y'all can see is lining up for it. you can't have a southern book without a jell had been o so we have a jell-o salad. he has been waiting. better than rhubarb, brother. i'll tell you that.

>> this is your wife's recipe?

>> she does that for the holidays. i thought a jell-o salad? it's fantastic.

>> i love y'all.

>> we love you.