TODAY   |  September 25, 2013

Bill Hader jokes about life after ‘SNL’

The funnyman discusses his career since leaving “Saturday Night Live,” from the upcoming animated film “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” to his appearance in T-Mobile commercials. He says fellow “SNL” vet Amy Poehler prepared him for the emotional toll of leaving the show with the kind words: “It’s like watching your own funeral!”

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>> there's a lot going on.

>> yeah.

>> the plot is kind of hard to follow.

>> yeah.

>> so nice to see you again. it picks up right where the last one ended.

>> yes, yes.

>> we enjoyed that thoroughly, even though we're adults with a little bit of intelligence.

>> we went to karate kid thing. " karate kid 2 " picks up right where " karate kid " leaves off.

>> and you accomplished it.

>> we did.

>> do you enjoy these animated films ?

>> i do. it's nice. it is weird because you are just in a booth by yourself, screaming your lines.

>> and you said you didn't realize how much you use yourd hands when you talk, huh?

>> yeah. i do like this with my hands a lot and when we went and saw the movie, clint lockwood is like doing this. and my wife is like, oh, gosh. i have to deal with that all the time. it's like, we've got to get out of here. come on. we've got to go.

>> they videotape you while you're doing, what, 20 takes per thing?

>> every line you do the same thing like, barry, we've got to go. come on, we've got to go. come on, we've got to go. like over and over again.

>> don't you think people make up their mind?

>> in the editing room, they sit there --

>> particular art form, isn't it? and a great cast of people in there with you.

>> yeah. anna is back, andy sandberg.

>> kristen chenoweth .

>> no, kristen shah.

>> who plays the little monkey?

>> neil patrick harris .

>> i get them confused all the time.

>> you are not the only person in america. no. i think you are the only person in america. what is neil patrick harris doing here? we asked for kristen.

>> in many seasons that you're not going to be on, how will that feel, turning on the tv saturday night and checking it out?

>> i'm excited. we were at seth meyers ' wedding, talking about it and now i'm like a fan, like what are the new people like? i'm all excited.

>> are you wishing them well or hoping for their demise?

>> no.

>> oh, that is my favorite. james carville .

>> i'm excited because, i mean -- i'm just excited to see what they do. amy poehler said it's like going to your own funeral, watching the first show. i was like what? good. i have that to look forward to. she said it's like watching your own funeral.

>> we've seen you on all those commercial. they're ridiculous.

>> t-mobile commercials?

>> yeah.

>> are those your words or theirs?

>> no, these guys, adam and dave, canadian film makers did those. some of them, i -- that one i helped out. that's the one i pitched, what if a guy started to take my phone and he doesn't want it because it stinks and i picked up three other ideas that they very politely said, no. that was one of theirs. that's one of theirs, too. this is based on my real life . that's based on my real life . that's how i met my wife, right there. yep.

>> have you gone hollywood since you moved out to l.a. now? i know you try to be a solid citizen, good husband, good father and all this stuff.

>> yeah.

>> is it all falling apart since you moved to la, la land?

>> no. look at me. look how i'm dressed, still wearing new balance. not at all. no paparazzi. it's mostly, hey -- oh.

>> good luck with the film.

>> thank you.

>> had fun.

>> hoda didn't like it.

>> we all know, we heard her in the screening going, "boo." food can't do that.

>> it's a lot of fun.

>> it's " cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2." your little ones are going to love it.

>> you're crazy.