TODAY   |  September 25, 2013

Hoda’s happy with 2 Blake Sheltons (human and canine)

Hoda blushes up a storm when country singer Blake Shelton swings by the studio. The coach of the NBC hit reality competition “The Voice” talks about his friendly rivalry with Adam Levine, his three-season winning streak, and his high hopes for his Season Five team – all with Hoda’s pooch, also named Blake Shelton, in his lap.

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>> well, i don't want to brag.

>> now he is back looking for new talent.

>> is this yours?

>> no, please, it's yours.

>> and together with a gang who likes to ruffle his feathers from time to time. shall we take a look?

>> you know who stevie wonder is, right?

>> i do. i've performed with him. you're about to drop some names.

>> blake , that hurt my feelings.

>> i'm sorry. i'm sorry.

>> it's about you. it's about you right now.

>> i still have a man crush on you, though.

>> wow, you seem to have sexual tension with pretty much anybody. don't you?

>> hello.

>> it's palpable.

>> this is my moment. you ask the questions. i'm just going to listen.

>> enjoy. how is the new season going, blake is this.

>> yeah, how is it?

>> are you kidding me? we're all back together again. so i love that.

>> did you say love?

>> i love that.

>> okay, good. just listening.

>> she just likes to watch your lips move.

>> how big are my lips? your lips move, my god --

>> i've been drinking since 7:00, so they're a little blurred, if you know what i'm saying.

>> so is it fun to have the whole group back together, you, christina, c. lo and adam? it seems to fit. i like that group.

>> the four of us started the thing together, you know. there's still that -- i mean, we just fell right back into that thing again.

>> yeah, you did.

>> and we love each other and we're very competitive.

>> in a healthy way, in a good way.

>> in a good way. we really don't give a crap about the other people's performances. we're only about ourselves when it comes to that.

>> you know what? i admire your honesty. i really do. it's rare. rare.

>> you won --

>> you can say it.

>> every one except one.

>> and i'm still not sure --

>> you should have won that one.

>> that's legally --

>> why don't they all pick you?

>> in other words why don't they go with the winner?

>> why are they going with the other coaches?

>> well, i mean, what would you do?

>> i would be gracious and kind and pray for everybody.

>> so, you're not very honest, are you? i don't know. i just have fun. i just have fun on the show. maybe that's why --

>> it works.

>> some of those artists come with me. they know they're not going to be -- i'm probably going to be drunk and passed out during rehearsals anyway and they're like, i can do whatever i want.

>> you're going to be a blast.

>> yeah.

>> you have to meet someone. i can't wait anymore. let's see. where is he?

>> come here. come here. oh, come here!

>> this is a moment.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> this is really live, happening on tv, meeting. like one of those reunion things where you find a lost family member.

>> i know.

>> how are you doing, blake ?

>> there's even more sexual tension now.

>> now that's just weird.

>> what do you think of him?

>> i love him. i've seen so many pictures of him, i feel like i know him.

>> he's smelling you.

>> give him here. give him here.

>> he's smelling you. oh, you are a cute dog. yes, you are.

>> do you like that? oh, my god.

>> a ton of dogs at home with your wife, don't you?

>> oh, yeah. in fact, my wife just got another dog like three days ago.

>> another rescue?

>> another rescue.

>> what kind?

>> i don't know. i don't know what it is. nobody knows . it's a puppy.

>> how many do you have?

>> i think that's like five or six dogs that we have now.

>> are you fostering them or do you keep them?

>> i wish to god we were fostering them, but they have long-term like lifetime fostering.

>> what's going on here? what is going on here?

>> see, he needs a man in his life, hodie.

>> oh, my gosh. we're going to take a couple of fan questions. we have people downstairs who want to ask you some things with brittany.

>> blake , carrie wants to know what song you like to perform live.

>> i really like "lick it up" by kiss. i guess "old red" and "boys around here."

>> let's do the chorus. wait a minute.

>> you don't even know your own lyrics.

>> how does it go? those boys around here drinkin' that ice cold beer talkin' about girls talkin' about trucks red dirt roads kickin' up dust

>> trucks and dust don't rhyme. don't take no spit chewin' tobacco zblrchls chewin' tobacco spit

>> that was a great i hoda song, too.

>> yes, it was brit. what else do we have?

>> have you ever chosen someone that you wondered why you picked them after?

>> and name names, if you're so honest.

>> no, i haven't.

>> there you go.

>> i mean, there's people that -- we all meet people and eventually wonder why we ever hung out with them, you know what i mean ?

>> wonder what we liked about them the first time around. what was that? how could i have been so wrong?

>> you seemed so cool -- but i don't know. i'm sure that's happened in the show. honestly, when you get down to those last three or four, you've gotten so you're such a cheerleader and you've gotten so attached to them, i haven't had a problem with any of those final people.

>> but a lot of people don't have the stamina that it takes to be a winner. they might be able to give one great performance but they don't have the range in terms of -- to go on.

>> sure.

>> yeah.

>> we have time for one more question downstairs. oh, you want to spin the bottle? sorry, brit. we don't have time. you want to spin the bottle? get over there.

>> that will work.

>> what does this mean?

>> can you grab that? thank you, baby. that means there's a question from me on the back.

>> this will take forever.

>> no, hoda will read it. beer or hard liquor, box ers or brief briefs, adam or miranda.